It is 2015 already! As you get advanced in age the years go by so fast. I used to see a car with stripes on it and would say it goes fast because it has Racing Stripes. Maybe they should put stripes on us old fogies.

A resolution is a promise to ourselves and others, that we will accomplish something in the next year. From “I am going to lose weight (gained 10 lbs) or I will stop smoking (not to happen soon)” and so on. Well guess what? They all seem to get broken.

Here in Rocky Point there are lots of changes we could make. But who wants to? The beer is so cold, the food so good. I could go on and on but to cut this short you all know what I mean.

My resolutions this year will be easy. I will have more fun, treat others better, check out more eating places, watch more sunsets, and try to make it through another year in this wonderful place.

I have been asked several times if it is safe to eat the food from the street vendors. Are you afraid of the Cartel? Is it safe to go out 20 miles on a charter to fish? Yes, all these things are safe. I have been here for 4 years and have had no problems. I eat where it sounds good, I listen to others that have been there and done that, and as for fishing, don’t take my place in the boat!

Here is hoping that you keep the sunrises to your back and the sunsets in front of you because tomorrow is another day full of adventure, so don’t pass it up.