Maybe I’ll start this off by saying “My Fellow Americans and The People of Mexico.”

As you might have heard, the people from the shacks along the tracks are being relocated to the North of town. They have meager shelter, no water, and no electricity. They have a long way to walk to the store to get food. Once they get food they have no way to cook it. The children have no tables or chairs that they can play or color on. They sit all day on a makeshift bed. They have limited toys and recreation supplies that will help keep them together as a family. They need items that will aid them to grow up and be good citizens. The families are quick to let us know our help is very much appreciated.

The American Legion is trying to feed 23 families (160 people) weekly with the bare necessities to survive. Every Wednesday the food fund manager delivers what is available, which includes rice, beans, vegetables and some kind of protein. Supplies come from the profits of the Post along with donations of food and money from friends of the Legion. We have some members who pay a charter boat to go fishing and all the fish are donated to the food program. Clothes and other items donated are put in a garage sale a few times a year. The proceeds go to the food fund.

Now here comes the big pitch. We need all the help we can get. All donations and volunteers are welcome. Your donations of money or items you no longer need can be brought to the American Legion on Chihuahua, North of the Pink Cadillac. Paul Raddatz, the food fund manager, has been doing an excellent job of making sure all donations are put in the fund. He shops several days a week to get the “best bang” for the buck. Every year he is Santa Claus for 5 days visiting the barrios and different establishments. He carries a bucket of gumballs in his van and little kids, policemen and construction workers all get them as a treat.

Here are some other projects which have been accomplished by the American Legions members since the first of the year:

1. We donated 1500 feet of rope for clothes lines.

2. We built a swing for the kids.

3. We built a table and reconditioned a used chair for a little girl to color on.

4. We took them pallets for fire wood, water to drink and a BBQ to cook on.

5. We raised $100 for a bus ticket to Hermosillo so a lady with cancer could get a transfusion. This same lady received supplies for tortillas to sell to help support the family.

We thank you for your continued support and for reading our story.