I start a lot of my articles pondering over something. Pondering is a strange word and I take it to mean thinking. I think a lot when I’m sitting on my patio with a cold Tecate or Corona.

We lived our first year in Peñasco in a nice condo, and being from the country I was used to quiet at night. In the condo it was quite noisy. Chairs moving around, people talking, kids playing, which is their right. They pay just as much as I do.

So starts the dream. Wishing on the first star I see at night and. On my wish list I want to be by the water. I joined the Navy at 15 and spent most of 6 years at sea. I loved the smells of the sea and the crashing of the waves.

Second on the list is a small enclosed area for our mini Schnauzer to play so she doesn’t have to be on a leash all the time.

Third on the list, I wanted a garage to keep at least one of our cars in and so I can tinker around.

And finally fourth, that I have a big kitchen. I love to cook and like room to move around and not step on my wife’s feet (she doesn’t like that).

My wish came true at the last minute. After looking at a bunch of houses and condos we got our dream place. Through a friend of a friend of a friend we got a call. We met with a property manager and she showed us three properties. The first two we didn’t like so she said she had one more. An older house that wasn’t ready to rent yet, but would we like to look anyway. So away we go.

We walked through the front gate into the courtyard and just looked at each other with our mouths hanging open. “This is our home “ was both of our feelings. And inside was the kitchen I had always wanted. HUGE. A large patio opening onto the beach so we can listen to the waves at night while having a cocktail in the dark. Sea Lions barking and Whales blowing. Plenty of room for the kids and grandkid’s visits. A front courtyard that is enclosed WOW !!!!

Then we find out that the house belonged to a lady that had recently passed away being the only fatality from the Fiesta Cruiser accident .

We never had the pleasure of meeting her but I sure can feel her presence when I look around at the furnishings in this home, I understand she liked to cook and entertain also and often had huge parties. Playing cards and spending time with her many, many friends. What a Lady she must have been and I just want her to look down on us and understand that we thoroughly enjoy the house and will safeguard what has been entrusted to us. We will have cocktails with the neighbors and listen to their stories of her. We will give a toast to her and ponder.