Holy moly! It means that some things are relative to others. In our search for a healthy and happy life, we sometimes miss what is really happening around us.
I usually try to write my articles so it might bring a chuckle to my readers as I have had an interesting life full of mishaps. However when I get writers block I ask my friends for ideas. This time I got a little education. I hope you find it interesting.
Have you heard of Negative Ions? Floating around in our presence, you can’t hear or see them but they are there. Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. They are created in nature and are broken apart by sunlight, moving air or water. You may have experienced the power of them when you set foot on the beach, stood on a creek or riverbank. While it is pleasant just to be there listening to the sounds there are ions at work.
The pounding of the surf, the roar of a waterfall, create negative ions, which cause a lightened mood. You just feel better. It takes your mind off the everyday rigors of life. It has been said to relieve depression as much as antidepressant drugs. Standing there you feel more relaxed and your imagination soars. Watching the dolphins, whales, or throwing toys into the water for your dog to retrieve just makes us feel better. The best part is no side effects.
The call of the beach is catching. Bring someone down to Rocky Point and you will witness this because they can’t wait to come back again. Pretty soon they have an RV or a condo.
Get a glass of wine or a beer, a chair and you will be hooked. Don’t forget your cooler and sunscreen because who can have only one, and you don’t want to get sunburned!
Hope you enjoyed this educational article. Next time I will try to be a little less on the serious side.
Good fishing, swimming, and Negative Ion hunting.