The Holidays are just around the corner and now is the time to make a year end donation for the animals. Your donation is a tax deduction. A $100usd donation can rescue, spay/neuter and give medical attention, love and care to one cat or dog. Please help. We have over 70 animals at the present time.
The annual “Big Wave Dave Chili Cook-off” is only about three weeks away, so time to start tweaking your chili recipe to be the best it can be. This year the cook-off will take place the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at the club house in Cholla. Cooking will start at noon and judging will start at 3:00. As always the entrance fee for cookers will be a big bag of dog food, which will be donated to Nancy at the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point. Tasters are also encouraged to donate bags of dog or cat food. We always raise well over 1,000lbs of pet food and over $1,000 in donations from the raffle. Speaking of the raffle, all raffle prizes are usually donated. Now is the time to start shopping the summer clearance bins at your favorite stores for those summer beach treasures. Of course if anyone has or knows someone with a business that would like to donate to a great cause, please encourage them to do so.
All cash raised from the raffle and donations goes to help with the spay and neutering of the animals, buy much needed medication and other basic supplies. Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point also helps many local families with veterinarian bills which can be costly and many families cannot afford these extra expenses.
If you would like to donate a week end at a condo or ? Please call Nancy at (602) 412-3932 or local 383-1012.
We have several beautiful Lab mixes that are ready for adoption. Bilbo is a three month old red, male, adorable puppy that loves other dogs, cats and people. His buddy Gandolf is about 4 months old and is a little shyer but very lovable and loves his belly rubs. Sophia is a beautiful Lab mix. She is about 6 months old and ready for a new home. Please consider adding a new family member – maybe a cat or two!!!
This has been a tough summer for all. We hope it is finally going to be getting cooler. We had problems finding Kirkland dog and cat food from here in Rocky Point at certain times over the summer months. Kirkland is the only USA made food that we have been able to purchase here in Rocky Point. I miss the days when we could bring into Mexico all the items that we needed for the animals. With the rise of the US dollar we are saving in all areas when it comes to purchasing items in Peso’s. It has been at 16 and 17 exchange to the dollar all summer.
Now that the new government has taken office we wish them luck and will let you know when we get the latest information on when they will be starting the spay/neuter clinics. Doctor Rubio is the head of the health department and we will be anxiously waiting to meet him and his new staff.
We hope to see many of you at Dave’s Chili Cook-off this month. And a Happy Turkey day to all our friends. Join us on Facebook along with the Rocky Point Times Newspaper.