Feliz Mayo Rocky Point! Awwww, the excellence of summer months and beach days are upon us! It’s just the best time of the year with warm days and cool, breezy nights. Time to break out the bikinis and floppy hats ladies… I just bought some cool new shades for my beach days ahead. I am happy to see all the beachgoers as it seems word just keeps getting out about Rocky Point and it gets busier and more popular with each passing month. One of the guys responsible for a lot of growth through real estate sales is our own Kenny Wallace… aka Rocky Point Kenny. I have known Kenny for almost two decades and he really seems to brighten any door he walks in and has a positive attitude and makes friends with everyone. Soooo… I thought it would be cool for all of us to get to know Kenny even better!

Marco~ Where are you from and where did you grow up?

Kenny~ I am originally from Northern California but moved to Arizona in middle school. I grew up mostly in small towns, near Tombstone Arizona.

Marco~ Wow, the Wild West…cool stuff. How long have you been coming to Rocky Point?

Kenny~ I came down for the first time when I was 21. I was one of those that was afraid to come down, but after that first visit, I was hooked. I officially moved to Puerto Peñasco 3 days later on a 6-month sabbatical from university. Of course, this was going on 20 years ago and since then I have built my life in Rocky Point. Currently I am raising two beautiful little girls, Mia and Lily, with my wife Kasia.

Marco~ Awww, yes the three beautiful Polish girls…love them! Are you a full-time resident of Rocky Point?

Kenny~ I’m a full time resident but like many I do go back and forth often. 

Marco~ Nice! What changes have you seen over the years and how do you see the future?

Kenny~ Puerto Peñasco in one word, could be summed up as resilient. In the time I have been in Peñasco, I have seen many challenges from financial, political, and health disasters but even as these things happened and slowed the city….people didn’t stop coming. There is something about the mix of ocean air and arrachera tacos that simply melts the stress away.

The different municipal administrations are tackling high impact items one by one. From paved roads (one of the largest changes in 20 years) to fiber optic internet, Peñasco has been lead into the future with the capabilities to satisfy even the most discriminant of travelers.

The job of upgrading Peñasco is not done though, as we have much more to do to improve infrastructure for continued growth well into the future. The secret of Puerto Peñasco is certainly out, and balancing growth and city services for all residents and tourism is a challenge for us all.

Marco~ I don’t say much, but I’ll say! Tell me about your employment in Rocky Point?

Kenny~ I began in real estate with FMI (First Mexican Investments) back in 2003 and I remained there through the conversion to Realty Executives. Working as an agent and building my client base through a few other name brands before landing with Keller Williams Rocky Point, where my license currently resides.

I am currently the Marketing Director for Las Palomas Seaside Golf Community, working with John Hibbert, John Witt, and Christopher Guarino. Currently we are focused on deliveries in the 1st building of Phase 3, Barcelona.

Marco~ I have heard and seen the new phase at Las Palomas. Wow, so much excitement and growth going on and the new phase is beautiful! What are your favorite things to do in Rocky Point?

Kenny~ This is a tough question to answer as the activities for residents and visitors has increased a ton BUT some of my personal favorites are as follows:

  • Golfing
  • Whale Watching or Sunset Cruises with Eco Fun Tours
  • Quad/Can Am Riding in the Dunes
  • Visiting the Osterias in the Estuary
  • Eating Lots and Lots of Food

Marco~ Sign me up, sounds like a great time! Where do you like to hang for a good meal?

Kenny~ I love food, and Mexico has so many great options these days, literally the best culinary scene in my 20 years in Puerto Peñasco. Here are some of my must try’s but by no means is a complete list.

  • Chef by Chef Mickey – Always Amazing Food – Literally anything he makes is delicious
  • Mare Blu – Beachfront Italian and Seafood – Ask Ignacio for my favorite if you like Cajun
  • Garufa’s – Steak – Tomahawk my favorite
  • El Capitan – Top of Mountain Views – El Tragon my Favorite
  • Señor Amigos – Literally hear the Waves – Baja Fish and Rock Shrimp App my Favorite
  • So many more..but you have limited space I know.

Marco~ Check, check and Czech…… I have been to them all 😊! What are some of your fave cantinas?

Kenny~ I am one of those that likes to bounce around with clients or friends to different locations, spread the love so to speak. If you were to look for me on one of these days, I would likely be found at Tekila Bar or Manny’s Beach Club. I am a sucker for live music and their house band, Los Panchos is amazing!!

Marco~ Indeed! They are an awesome band! I have spent many days and nights bopping along to their tunes! How does your family like Rocky Point?

Kenny~ My family started in Rocky Point, so to say it is near and dear to us is an understatement. I met my wife here, got married on Sandy Beach, in all aspects grew up and began real life here. Watching the girls play in the sand or find seashells are some of our fondest memories.

Marco~ How is work going at Las Palomas in sales? Can you tell me about the new phase?

Kenny~ Las Palomas Phase 3 is the third and Final Beachfront Phase of Las Palomas Seaside Golf Community. Consisting of 5 total buildings, the first two have been released so far. Phase 3 has taken luxury up a notch again with even larger floors plan, modernized smart condos, and the largest pool in Puerto Peñasco! You will have to stop by for a day trip sometime.

As far as sales, we have seen amazing demand despite the challenging economic environment. As I mentioned earlier, the secret is out about Peñasco. We have seen an increase in Arizona buyers, along many more coming in from  California with most finding our market’s price points very reasonable compared to home. If this trend continues, we will likely continue to see record growth in all areas of Rocky Point.

If anyone wants more information on Phase 3, it can be found at www.LasPalomasSales.com

Marco~ And ask for Kenny!!! Thank you so much for your time, Kenny, Rocky Point loves you!

Well, it certainly was great catching up with Kenny. He’s always been a great friend and a super fun guy to hang out with and toss a few back. We have shared many laughs and good times together and Kasia is a gem…Polish Power! May each of you have a blessed May and I look forward to seeing you at the beach!!! A dear, old friend used to say to me as he said Cheers…

Here’s to friends, old and new…

To sunny days and pleasant ways,

Neath cloudless skies of blue….

But most of all to a thousand friends,

like YOU and YOU and YOU!!!