Feliz Octubre Rocky Point and blessings to us all as our beautiful fall weather is upon us. Time to break out the ponchos for the cooler evenings and less humid days. After some record-breaking temps around the world this summer, I can hear a collective AHHHHH from all of Rocky Point! What a month it shall be…… I will be having 10 of some of my closest friends from the U.S. coming to celebrate Marco Polo on October 7th. I usually make it a month-long fiesta so hopefully I see each of you around town for some festivities and laughs! Big shout out to Antonio over at Encántame Towers for helping so much with the patio furniture during the tropical storm/hurricane that hit Mexico and America a month ago. Thankfully, most of us just experienced some high winds however I did see some videos of some of the condo resorts with some of the facades tearing away in the wind… but that’s mother nature for you… She can take a bite out of you just when you’re nodding off 😊.

For those of you that do not know Scott Poturalski, a longtime resident of Rocky Point, I thought it would be good for us all to get to know Scott a little bit better. If you don’t know Scott, please check out the pics in the article and please introduce yourself. Scott is definitely one of the kindest people I know from anywhere in the world. He goes out of his way to always make you feel good and truly has a glowing spirit. I have known he and his wife Cathy (I call them the Pea’s….Scotty Pea and Cathy Pea as we will learn later in this article) for about 18 years and am lucky to call them best friends, meeting for the first time right here in Rocky Point. So without further ado….here we go Scotty Pea!!!

Marco: Please tell our readers about your history in Peñasco and how this place has become your home.

Scott: I am so thankful to my mom and dad (Dave & Margie) for introducing us to Peñasco. They first came in 1972 and brought along me and my 4 brothers and we instantly fell in love with the beach here. Less than a year later, they built a small home in Playa Encanto and it truly changed the direction of my family. From that point on, the majority of our family memories were made on the beach right here in Peñasco – including our annual Sand Flea Olympics, my parents helping to start the Family of God Church, and countless gatherings with fantastic friends and our close family.

Marco: How long have you been in Rocky Point full time?

Scott: I retired from banking/IT in 1997 then Cathy and I were married shortly after, and I became involved in sales of real estate in Peñasco in 1998. At first, I was splitting time between Mexico and Arizona. Then, in 2001 I became involved with the launch of the Bella Sirena project on Sandy Beach and a few years later we bought a home at the project, and we moved full time to Mexico. Wahoo!

Marco: Always living the dream, Scotty! I love it! What are some of the fun things you like to do around town (hmmmmm, I think I know most of them…..)

Scott:  Well…a little bit of golf with my brothers & buddies (including the weekly 2-hour rounds with Mike Ronco) and turning people on to great beachfront real estate opportunities! I love getting in the ocean, riding my one-wheel on the beach during low tides while listening to songs texted to me from my buddy Marco and my daughters Erin & Megan, as well going out and having a blast on the town with my family and a mix of amigos. And certainly, I could not forget eating some fine dinners around town with my very special wife, Cathy.

Marco: Ah, you live the life, Scotty. The last song I sent you, SUNROOF by Nicky. The last song I received was actually sent to me by your daughter, Princesa, as she said the song reminded her of me. See, it all comes full circle! So, tell me about your job here in Rocky Point.

Scott: I was a broker at Bella Sirena for many years and really enjoyed it – especially working with my brothers there. We truly enjoyed living at Bella Sirena and Sandy Beach and making a ton of good friends! However, when Miguel, Mary and Keith came knocking with an opportunity for a sales position at Encántame Resorts, it gave us the opportunity to come back home to my family’s long history on Playa Encanto Beach. It has been an incredible blessing and we absolutely love living here now in our ‘cruise ship’ in the sky! So special!

Marco: Yes, I can see why it would be hard as both beaches and properties are awesome but like you, I am happy with being able to bounce back and forth to memories all along our beaches. Where do you see the future of Rocky Point in 10 years?

Scott: Everyone can feel the increase in the ‘energy’ in the resort areas and in town right now. I see this development continuing – bringing a more refined experience here – while (hopefully) keeping the small-town flavor that we all love so much as well as attracting people to town far beyond Arizona.

Marco: Yes, I can see it happening already with all the license plates from many states far beyond Arizona! What are some of your favorite restaurants and bars in town?

Scott: Well, in no particular order and just to name a few, I would say Pane e Vino, Capones, Manny’s, Bandito’s, Borracho’s,  Molly Molly, Mickey’s and Wrecked at the Reef, Boo Bar, Moo and Fiesta Del Marco.

Marco: Hmmmm, I think I may have been to each of them from what I remember…….THANKS TOMAS! 😊 What are some of your most memorable events in town?

Scott: So, so many! Certainly, Cathy and I being married right here in Peñasco on the beach. My brothers and I came in on a pirate ship 2 hours late to my own wedding – strong tides and tequila may have been involved.

Marco: OMG, thankfully we were not friends yet, I probably would have done a header overboard and they would still be looking for me!

Scott: An early memory was taking my daughter Erin kayaking the Sea of Cortez at just 6-weeks old – then now being able to take my grandson, CREW in the same ocean. Definitely one of my proudest moments was my daughter Megan’s wedding to Marshall here on the beach. Being with my family when spreading my mom and dad’s (Dave and Margie) ashes in the Sea of Cortez as well as having many tributes to amazing friends like Jan Feldt, Susan Wiesenberg and Kent Cossey. The occasional afternoon ‘bar hop’ on Sol Chaser and EcoFun boats – crazy good times! Countless family gatherings, often with friends around the beach fire, guitars in hand, and lasting memories made. For many years, we helped put on the Circus Mexicus shows with a list of friends and family – including Roger, Greg, Chad, Betsy, the whole crew at Banditos and ALL the volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen. It was a lot of work, but we had so much help putting all of our plans to work. Thanks to all – some very special times with very special people!

Marco: Yes, I remember bartending the VIP tents and hustling the tequila shots……. Only one shot miss…….if you have 2, my shirt comes off 😊! It was truly a blast meeting all of the Circus Mexicus fans and hanging with our crew. Tell me about your personalized license plate………

Scott: (laughing) Well, truly it is not personalized. Not to mention any names, but I have a goofy friend Marco who always calls me Scotty P. Well, one day walking out of one of our fine establishments in town, Marco spouts off, “Hey Scotty Pea, what’s up with the personalized license plate?”. My license plate has a PEA in it and I will always treasure the random PEA on my plate!

Marco: Good times, Scotty Pea…….you know me……..sharp as a marble! Anything else you would like our Rocky Point Times readers to know about you?

Scott: I have been blessed beyond belief with an amazing family and group of very close friends. Nothing better! Seeing new generations carry on the traditions beachside feels so good. Thanks Mom. Thanks Pops. We are so lucky to wake up to the blue ocean, fresh sea air, no traffic, a town filled with some of the nicest people on the planet and a new adventure waiting to happen daily. What a great town. I encourage people to find one of the many options available to give back to this special community. My wife (Cathy) and I love helping others find a piece of paradise on the beach. If you haven’t checked out the ‘new happenings’ at Encantame Resorts, I strongly encourage doing so. There are many great little communities in Peñasco (on and off the beach), but this one is certainly special. Please email me any questions scott@penascoluxury.com and I will get right back to you. Cheers!

  • It’s a wrap September, onto my favorite month of the year especially here in Rocky Point………October. As Charmaine J. Forde was quoted as saying, “I wish that every day was Saturday and every month was October.” Until next month Rocky Point, keep your kind hearts shining to everyone you meet especially right here at the beach in Rocky Point!