Especially at Bella Sirena!!!

Feliz Agosto Rocky Point!!! Hopefully, the humidity isn’t too sticky for you…but ah, with each passing day the days get a bit shorter and the humidity begins to dissipate bringing in fall in Rocky Point and some of the most beautiful days and nights anywhere! Despite the present state of things with Covid-19 being very active in many parts of the world, I was very happy to see all the precautions our officials were taking here to protect us. Masks, hand sanitizer, walk through spray downs (um, what is in that stuff?), social distancing, air hugs, limited group events, condo and home sanitations, limited seating in restaurants…I can go on and on…but please do not ever let this “new normal” dampen your true self! This too shall pass, and we WILL return to OUR normal in due time. My prayers go out to those that have lost a loved one or saw a friend or family member endure the pain of the pandemic. From loss of jobs, reductions in income and the need for basic necessities to isolation, quarantines and loneliness it is easy to get down on our world, our present state of being and our future. But never give up…for we always have each other!

After traveling and vacationing to Rocky Point for years, fourteen years ago I took the leap of faith and decided it was time to lay down some roots and purchase a vacation home that I could spend more and more time at as the years passed.  After looking around at a few resorts, I was fortunate enough to find Scotty Pea and his brother Michael and we set up a tour of Bella Sirena. I was immediately taken aback at the beauty of the “resort”. When I put my down payment money in escrow, there was barely a shell of one tower and only one pool. But, we were all convinced it would grow into a lively, fun-loving and beautiful community one day. There was HOPE in Hopetown after all…front to back!

18 months after putting down my deposit, my family and I were handed keys to the most amazing views I had ever seen. Being from California, I was never fortunate enough to be able to afford an ocean front condo, villa or even a shack!  I remember thinking, wow all the hard work was worth it after all and after fighting back a tear of accomplishment, we did our best to quickly unpack and bring our beach home to reality! Luckily, we were delivered our condo over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so we had extra time to unpack, set up and unwind some. At the time, my children Zack and Via Maria were only 6 and 4 years old. We had no idea what was ahead of us, but we were ready to share our excitement for Bella Sirena and Rocky Point with our new neighbors. With each passing week, more and more units would be delivered and finally all of the towers were complete except the largest tower, the “C” tower which was completed a year or so later.

Over the years, we were invited to so many parties and social gatherings for the 4th of July, New Year’s, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Circus Mexicus, Halloween…shoot we found a way to celebrate even if it was Sunday Funday on Gino and Barb’s patio! Throughout all of the social events, I must say that I was truly honored to meet some of the best friends any guy could ask for anywhere…and for that, I am truly grateful! Tomas, Princesa, Cathy Pea, Scotty Pea, Jimmy, Susan, Shelly, Barb, Gino, EB, Liz, MDMD, Jean, Steven, Nicole, Deborah, Mark, Scott, Ann, Cowboy, Rachel, Sherri, Scott, Michelle, John, Jana, Chris, Suzanne, Hector, Teresa, Paul, Cory, Jamie, Sam, Phyllis,  Heidi, Jim, Maurina, Monty , Rhonda, Brian, Laurie, Mike, Chris, Jo Jo, Cheri, Patty, Patricio, Ashaley, Maryann, Nelson, Eso and all of my friends in the Bella Sirena staff and my list can go on and on……there are simply far too many Bella friends to name…..we simply have become family! And, Chantel Pascale you will always be in our hearts just as Susan Wiesenberg will always be! There’s a special place in heaven for both of you!

In our lives and what is going on in our crazy world today, I really want to reach out and say THANK YOU Bella Sirena friends for just being the BEST and always being welcoming, caring, super fun and full of laughter! The jokes, comedy shows and just hanging out are some of my best memories of my life! I learned to play  “golf” (cards game, not on the links), psychotic cards, shut the box and best of all…have horseraces poolside on the large board where you would bet which horse would win by rolling two oversized dice and watching your horse move ahead to hopefully…payday! Some of the funniest moments were went things went astray like our fireworks show on the 4th of July when the stage sort of did a header and the fireworks started shooting into everyone on their lawn chairs. Now that was funny…luckily just a haircut from the rockets shooting through your hair-doo! You all definitely found a place in my soul that has helped to make me the person I am today!

I cannot wait to see you all at the beach again soon without ropes and barriers where we can all hang together again without distancing and truly see the light in each other’s eyes…look out friends, you’re all due for a giant Marco hug…well at least some laugh slaps on the shoulder! You better take after my buddy Jorge…when he sees me coming her grabs the paper towels and sticks them in his shirt to minimize the bruising from my laugh slaps. Hey, I talk with my hands ?! Here’s to a wonderful end of the summer and prayers that we all stay strong and healthy and look out for each other…there’s always magic in helping another human!


God Bless