Something wonderful has been happening in Rocky Point! Lives are changing and improving due to two determined and compassionate men.

Working full-time as prosthetists at The Limb Center in Phoenix, Randy West and David Banks help their community by fitting prosthetics for people who have lost limbs due to accident or illness. These men met in 2000, when David was fitted for his own prosthetic leg following an accident. Their friendship grew as they discovered they both shared a deep desire to help others in need. Fully inspired, David entered the prosthetics field himself so he could help other amputees regain confidence and independence just as he had.

Fast-forward to 2014, Randy and David began working together to fit prosthetic legs for amputees without insurance who could not afford them. They relied on donations and their own resources to cover the costs. However, it was not until 2021, when they teamed up with a medical clinic in Rocky Point, that they realized the extent of the need for prosthetic legs in Mexico. That experience touched them deeply.

On that first visit, there were so many people coming for help that Randy and David felt they hardly made a dent. And, at the time, they were thinking this was a one-time gig! However, due to the overwhelming need, the clinic officials kept asking when they could return. They even had a list of 30 people from San Luis who were ready to travel by bus to receive assistance. Six weeks later, Randy and David returned, and have visited regularly every few months. Since it’s an easy drive, they can arrive on a weekend, do a LOT of good, and get home in a short time.

Over the past year, additional practitioners have joined the men on these visits, enabling them to help more people. On their own, Randy and David will serve 12-13 people, and, with additional help, that has increased to 20. These grateful amputees come from all walks of life: fishermen, cab drivers, street vendors, laborers, a pastor, a police officer…and all have experienced life-changing assistance. Many have lost limbs for various reasons, like diabetes, non-healing sores or traumatic amputations from accidents. When they come to be fitted, their whole family comes with them. The happiness they express provides a remarkable fuel for all of the caregivers, validating their reason for giving back to this precious community.

As a result of their work in Arizona and Mexico, Randy and David founded Limbs for Humanity, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to fitting prosthetics for those who cannot afford them. Through donations of time, money and used prosthetics, they will continue to advocate for the less fortunate. It is their goal to create a world where every amputee has the opportunity to walk, run and play with dignity and independence.

Want to get involved? You can reach Limbs for Humanity at or call them at 602-887-4788. Don’t forget your 2023 tax deadline for year-end charitable giving!