Feliz Octubre Rocky Point……….ahhhhh, my favorite time of the year…….the start of the holiday season! Fall is always fantastic weather in Rocky Point and the nights are even better when we have to start breaking out………OMG what is that? A PANCHO????? Yes, we made it through some sticky days, but the good vibes and good times are upon us. And, just like that……..it is a time to celebrate again as Mexican National Fiesta Day just happens to coincide with someone’s birthday I know on October 7th :)!

Birthdays are extra special spent with friends at the beach in Rocky Point so I made a list of some special days in October and who we can invite for their birthday party……after all, who can resist white sand, warm sea temperatures, fiesta attire and of course a bevy or three. So we can put out our collective energy and send them down to Rocky Point on their given birthdays…………..

October 2- Welcome Kelly Ripa…….now she would look good on the beach with us :)!

October 3- Hello Gwen Stefani and Tommy Lee…..we need some tunes to entertain us!

October 5- Kate Winslet…….. maybe we should let her sail by as we don’t want to go down like the Titanic.

October 7- Simon Cowell, Vladimir Putin and Marco Polo. Now they would have something to talk about…..Simon pushing his buzzer on Vlad’s behavior while Marco chuckles from afar.

October 8- Matt Damon and Bruno Mars can come on down….that would be some cool entertainment for sure.

October 10- Brett Favre- now that would be fun to play some American football on the beach……. I wonder if the Pack would be playing against the Rocky Point Dolphins?

October 13- Sacha Baron Cohen……we do need some laughs and good accents to go along with our tequila :).

October 17- Eminem and Wyclef Jean……….now that would make some good rappin sounds going down the beach!

October 20- Snoop Dogg…….. I am not sure what is legal in Mexico but my sources tell me he would have a good time in Rocky Point. 🙂

October 21-Kim Kardashian…. Well, I bet we would spot that bikini a kilometer away!

October 23- Ryan Reynolds…. He always makes me laugh in movies, so another tequila shot with Ryan.

October 25-Katy Perry……. Cause baby she’s a FIREWORK and what a display she would make on the beach.

October 28-Bill Gates and Julia Roberts…… We can be ultra-rich and have a beautiful smile all in one sitting. NICE!

October 29- Patty Plenty and Oliver Closeoff. What a combo……. I would stick with Patty, but Oliver is always an entertainer! And, Gabrielle Union is born on this day so that’s always a plus.

October 31- Vanilla Ice…….. Who can’t like ICE ICE BABY on a hot day? For sure, Powers and Kimmy need a lot of ice for their array of bevvies they put down :)!

If I left your October birthday out (didn’t forget you Jamie Gardner), please consider this a sincere FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS from Marco and the whole gang at the Rocky Point Times! For our 3 winners of the Rocky Point Times Photo Contest, please contact Tomas…….. I emailed you his info as he gets to be the EMCEE and present the awards. I hope everyone is dried out from the tropical storm and high winds that dumped on Rocky Point in September…… it was a bit overwhelming in some parts of the city but with the beauty sometimes comes a little pain.

Have a fantastic OCTOBER and I cannot wait to see you at the beach….and always be the best pumpkin you can be!!!