Gobble, gobble…it’s that time of year again to share and spread thanks and be grateful for all that we have in our lives! It is hard to believe that another holiday season is upon us. This surely is a great time of the year that I always look forward to…celebrations with family and friends during wonderful Thanksgiving dinners, followed by Santa and Christmas and one of my faves, New Year’s Eve! And, it is always awesome to celebrate these times at the beach in Rocky Point. Rocky Point has become very popular over the holiday season as people have more time to vacation and truly relax and many companies seem to have a bit of a slow down at this time of year, so hey let’s kick it at the beach!

Over the last several months, I have been in the process of getting my Mexican permanent residency. I thought it would be cool to share some of the process and expectations in this journey. I will still be an American citizen but I have some plans in the future to spend more and more time in Mexico and specifically here in Rocky Point. Let’s back up a few years first…In 2012, there were several new laws introduced in Mexico aimed at simplifying the process of how to get residency in Mexico. Now in a matter of 3 months, it is possible to have your resident card! I highly recommend to hire a company that helps you navigate the process as it can get a bit confusing. Prior to the law changes, it was possible to enter Mexico on a 180 day Tourist Visa and then apply for a Mexico Residency Visa while in the country. Now, the new Mexico immigration law requires you to start the application in your country of origin. Sooooooo, I contacted Veronica from S Advisors Real Estate Attorneys right here in Rocky Point at MX 638 388 9650 or US 602 824 8996…thank you my dear buddy Ann Melton for the excellent referral! Veronica helped me start the process on the American side.

First, I needed to gather my passport, a photo (32mm x 26mm) frontal view in color with a white background, a $36 fee, proof of investment or bank statements for the last 12 months and obtain the Mexico permanent residency application which can be obtained by simply googling it or Veronica can send you a copy by email. I also brought along proof of ownership of my condo in Mexico to show I have been living part time in Mexico for the last 13 years. I then called the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix for an appointment. I brought down all of my documentation and fees to my appointment. The appointment only lasted about 20 minutes which consisted of a short interview…and I dressed to impress! Actually, it was August and I was in shorts and flip flops…I thought, how appropriate that I am in Rocky Point attire! During the interview, I was fingerprinted and I had to chuckle…geez, I wasn’t even speeding but there I was fingerprinting away to achieve my goal! I passed the interview and I am sure she thought I had something in my eye based on my incessant winking…you never know if it will help ! I then received a 6 month temporary visa which like the name, was good for 6 months until I can receive my Permanent Residency Card. Ahhhh, progress!!!

Round 2 consisted of driving to Lukeville at the Arizona/Sonora border and obtaining my FMM which needs to say CANJE and be good for 30 days and pay an approximate $15 fee. I then had to take this down to Veronica at S Advisors and pay the $50 fee for the application and an approximate $250 attorney fee (the money is loosely translated as I had mostly dollars and Veronica helped me exchange the money at the bank into pesos). Veronica handled a lot of the paperwork up front by me filling out some simple questions on an application with her and sending copies of my passport and other documentation to her. As of this writing, I am now in process and then I have to go back to see Veronica in two weeks for the processing of the final document, my Mexico Permanent Residency Card! I will be sure and let you know how I finish up and will announce my party to celebrate with everyone !!!
What are some of the advantages of permanent residency in Mexico?

  • Capital gains on homes- you may be eligible to reduce your tax liability on the sale of Mexican real estate. It is highly advised to seek advice from a Mexican attorney to help you with this.
  • INAPAM Senior Discount card-once you are a permanent resident, you can attain a Senior Discount Card so if you are 60 and over, you are eligible for discounts throughout the country.
  • National Healthcare Programs- you can opt into some of the healthcare programs that are available.
  • Bank account-as a permanent resident, you can open up a bank account which makes paying utilities much easier.
  • Ability to work- you will need to obtain permission via the Immigration office and register with the Tax Administration service, but yes there is a path to employment legally.
  • Mexican driver’s license-you are now free to obtain a driver’s license from the state of Sonora.

Whether you wish to live, work or relax in Mexico on a more permanent time frame, only you can decide if the path is right for you. If anyone needs more information, please reach out to me at mpaliscak@amerifirst.us or simply call Veronica at the phone number above. Season’s greetings to all and it starts later this month with THANKSGIVING. Let’s all be sure to thank those in our lives that have made a difference to us this past year. Once you start, it is sort of contagious…Well, in a good way . ADIOS AMIGOS, GOD BLESS