Happy Thanksgiving!

It is getting cooler in Rocky Point and will try to keep the animals warm during the fall and winter. We have stopped taking in dogs as there are several groups now rescuing dogs. We are the only group rescuing cats and are overflowing. I have Parkinson’s and it is difficult to care for them.

We have a few dogs and A LOT of cats…Siamese, tiger, white, orange etc. All sizes and they are all spayed and neutered and have all of their shots. If you would please consider adopting a cat – and want to come by and pick yours out or take a look at them please call for an appointment, due to my health. Luis is here at 4:30 until 6:00 for donations. We desperately need dry cat food, Friskies canned cat food and non-clumping kitty litter. We use Kirkland dog and cat food, but any good brand is appreciated. Small cat beds and litter pans are also needed.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make Rocky Point safer for the animals. It has been 19 years since we started, and many friends have passed. It did take a village, but we paved the way for new groups to start up and they are doing a great job. If anyone would like to open a cat sanctuary in Rocky Point, it is badly needed. Please consider adopting a cat or two. It is going to be difficult finding a home for them by summer. Also, we are selling the 2009 Joiner ATV TR 110, overhead rack, overhead lights, security lock,2 coolers attached,5 harness seat belts, new tires, goes 60mph, big engine. Asking $8,000.00 Or make offer. Need money for the animal care. Call Nancy 383 1012 or 602 412 3932. Vehicle is in Rocky Point