If you’ve been visiting Rocky Point for any length of time, then you no doubt are familiar with the efforts of Nancy Phelan and the Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center. She started helping Rocky Point’s animals shortly after her arrival to the city in 1999. Back then the streets were littered with tons of dogs and cats – some having owners, but many wandering the streets just trying to survive and find something to eat. The city’s animal problem is still not great, but it is definitely MUCH better than it was 20 years ago.

A couple years after moving to Rocky Point, Nancy was able to form a non-profit corporation. The goal was to encourage veterinarians to come to the city and conduct free spay and neuter clinics to try to help control the population of unwanted animals wandering the streets. In addition to the clinics, she set up a rescue center on her property where she would take in animals, get them healthy and adopt them out. Throughout the years many volunteers have helped with everything from donations to building pens to shuttling animals to and from the clinics. Many of those wonderful volunteers have since passed away and Nancy, herself, is now 81 years old and would like to retire before she turns 82, but she still has several cats that need to be cared for and to be adopted. She has worked tirelessly to help the animals of Rocky Point and The Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point is still in need of your help. You can read all about her history, struggles and victories at www.rpaac.org and find ways to help her care for, and find homes for her remaining animals. Help her reach her goal of retiring before she turns 82 and fulfills her dream of finishing her book, “Making Rocky Point a Better Place to be an Animal”.

If you can help, please contact Nancy Phelan at nancy_phelan@yahoo.com.


PO Box 1031

Lukeville, AZ 85341

PayPal: nancy_phelan@yahoo.com

Thank you to all that help the animals

Thank you to all that help