Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can’t address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few “short shorts” to keep you up to date.

Donate Your Computer for School Kids
In addition to the group mentioned in the above story, a similar effort to gather donated laptop computers is ongoing through efforts of Scott and Angela Scriver, owners at the Sonoran Sun as well as by Mark and Barb Olzsewski, active local champions of charity, and founders of Puerto Peñasco’s Adopt-A-Classroom program. Online classes present a huge problem for someone who does not have a computer. In many cases, the student simply drops out, and that is exactly what these volunteers are trying to prevent.

Scott can arrange drop off or pick up of laptops in the Phoenix area. When he receives a laptop, he flashes it to remove all previous files, documents, or personal information before donating it to be used for Peñasco school kids. You can reach Scott at:

Mark and Barb can arrange drop off or pick up of laptops in and around Rocky Point. Another option is to drop your donations off at any of the Sonoran Resorts sales offices (Spa, Sea, Sun, Sky), or the Rocky Point Times offices. Local company Laptop Express will perform the same “wipe” of your donated computer here in Rocky Point before it is donated to a student. To contact Barb, send her an email at:

Rocky Point Bouncing Back Quickly after Shutdown
Since the beaches and ocean opened to the public, things have been picking up here in town. Labor Day weekend was very busy with estimates from the Convention and Visitors bureau of over 25,000 visitors. Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, president of the OCV, reported that average rental occupancy throughout town was over 75%.
The OCV president stated that the Labor Day weekend, represented economic revenue of nearly 1.6 million dollars, or around 32 million pesos to Puerto Peñasco.
The Roger Clyne Circus Mexicus annual series of music and fun last weekend brought another surge of visitors to town and, while the official numbers are not know at this time, based on the number of cars and people in town, chances are they were close to the Labor Holiday weekend numbers.
Rocky Point is already coming back, and October begins the perfect weather of the high season once again, so all indicators point to a fast recovery from the months restricted entry due to the covid-19 threat.

Dog Food in Why Looking for a Ride

Pallets of donated dog food for Barb’s Dog Rescue have been stored at the Why Not Travel Store waiting to be carried to their final destination by volunteer transport vacationers. The border will allow 2 bags of dog food per vehicle to cross (note: only chicken/fish dog food), so the call has gone out looking for passers by to grab a couple bags and drop them at Barb’s on their way into town.
While you’re there, you can say hello to Barb and take a quick tour of the impressive facility. Who knows, you might even find that new furry family member to take home with you. If you have questions or if you would like to donate, please contact Barb’s through her Facebook account under “Barb’s Dog Rescue, or by email at:

Overpass Repair/Upgrade
Several years ago, the pedestrian overpass crossing Blvd. Benito Juarez at Calle 13, was upgraded and translucent blue panels were installed. As time went on, weather and maybe a little abuse took place, and the panels started looking, well, not so new any more. However, the city is now in the process of replacing the panels and making it look brand new again. No, it’s not big news, but for all who pass underneath countless times, it will be nice to see it shine in the sunlight again.

Use Extreme Caution if Driving the Coastal Highway
Sand dunes covering parts of the road are fairly common on the coastal highway and they can be extremely dangerous if you hit one at high speeds. Be sure to keep your speed at a point that you are able to stop in time if necessary, and be even more careful if driving the road after dark.
Another danger, possibly to lives, and certainly to tires and rims, are potholes on this same road. If you hit a pothole at 60 mph, you’re definitely going to do some damage to your tire and rim, and it may cause your vehicle to go out of control. Watch for these potholes along the entire road, but they are mostly concentrated around KM 90.

Mexico Sent 100 Firefighters to Central California to help Fight Fires

The Mexican firefighters arrived at San Bernardino International Airport on Wednesday afternoon where they underwent training for a couple of days, after which to join the ranks of fire crews battling the SQF Complex Fires raging in Tulare County.

The SQF Complex Fires have already torched more than 144,708 acres and destroyed nearly 200 structures, forcing many residents to evacuate.

The United States Forest Service and the Mexican government have historically helped each other out in forest and fire management.

Fire crews across California are currently in the midst of one of the worst fire seasons in history, with 23 fires currently raging out of control. They are in dire need of personnel.

The firefighters helped build control lines and increase overall containment of the massive blaze – just one of many burning across the west and in the state of California.

“Folks haven’t been able to get the resources that they need to implement the strategies. So yeah the Mexican crews that are coming in are needed. The resources are stretched, the resources are tired, they’ve been at it a long time this summer,” said SQF Complex Information Officer Mark Vosburgh.

In recent days, crews have been hard at work protecting places like Ponderosa. Thanks to their tireless efforts, there’s been no damage to the lodge or the many cabins that sit behind it. “A lot of the fuels around the community have actually been fired, control burned, which were planned activities that have been taking place over the last several weeks,” said Vosburgh.

But Ponderosa and many other Tulare County mountain communities remain under an evacuation order and it will be some time before residents can return. Vosburgh explained there’s still active fire in the area and crews need plenty of room to work without having to worry about others’ safety. “Just having a lot of vehicle traffic, honestly, is one of the biggest hazards firefighters face – vehicle accidents – so keeping a handle on that is really helpful to these guys.

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