Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can’t address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few “short shorts” to keep you up to date.

Sonoran Resorts Las Vegas Night Postponed

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our long run of annual Las Vegas Night for Charity events will be interrupted this year. Due to the current state of affairs and with the requirements for social distancing, the annual event will not take place over the July 4th weekend this year as it has for so many years in the past. But, we’ll be back next year, bigger and better, so make your plans to attend early. See you for the event in 2021!

Inventory and Sale of Beer Resumes in Rocky Point

After the manufacture of beer was deemed as a non-essential activity, the supply of beer dried up very quickly throughout Mexico and in Rocky Point. At the time of the announcement, the scene was reminiscent of the toilet paper and hand sanitizer run in the USA, as citizens tried to stock up for what would undoubtedly be a prolonged dry spell.

Recently, however, there has been a change of policy and the beer supplies began flowing again. For the first couple days, long lines formed outside of OXXO stores and the supply quickly ran out again. At this point, it seems the things have calmed down and supply is catching up with demand. The odd thing was that tequila, hard liquor, and wine was never in short supply. It seems that beer is the drink of choice in Mexico.

Steps of Love/Aim Peñasco Partners to Help Feed Rocky Point Residents

Steps of Love, a U.S based non-profit, and their partner AIM Peñasco, a local Mexican non-profit, have committed to temporarily shifting their mission focus from education to feeding those in need in the Rocky Point community until this crisis is behind us. This partnership has always adhered to strict financial accountability and transparency, and will remain just as committed during all crisis-related fundraising.Since the pandemic was announced, they have been assisted in a fundraising efforts by “Helping Puerto Peñasco in Crisis”, a grassroots effort that has since evolved into a community collaboration. This group’s ability to spread awareness has significantly helped the Steps of Love and AIM Peñasco team make a greater impact by increasing the capacity to provide more food to the thousands of people in urgent need in Rocky Point.All food and supply donations received will be organized and packed into individual and family-sized packages. All funds raised will be designated to purchase food. These operations will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols. Food boxes are distributed to families throughout the community by arranging safe pick-ups at three different sites across the city or safe delivery to the family’s home.   Donate Now (click)

Individuals Can Make a Real Difference

Local residents Martin Martinez and Tony Ballesteros, along with a long list of friends and volunteers have taken it upon themselves to make a difference and provide meals for those in need, here in Rocky Point.Tony recently commented, “We are feeding about 300 plus ready to eat meals 3 times a week and now we are giving out food bags on the other 2 days, providing for many in need for 6 days a week. We receive donations from friends here in RP and from friends in Arizona.”He further stated “We give hot coffee – Water bottles- Gatorade. All meals are warm and served with bread on ready to go plates. Martin Martinez Started the cause when he saw the need, and then I joined him shortly after. We always have beans & rice plus spaghetti, pasta, meat, chicken soup, lentils – always something fresh and nutritious. And all of the meals are made by volunteers. We started with 40 people then 75 then 100 now we average 300 plus meals each day.”

Mayor Forms New Units to Address Family Violence and Ecological Concerns

Mayor Kiko Munro announced the start of operations of the Family Violence Attention Patrol and Ecological Attention Patrol units, reinforcing the commitment in the prevention and security in these areas in Puerto Peñasco.
The Mayor of Puerto Peñasco reported that these special units, the family violence unit in pink, and the ecological unit in green, will work in coordination with the State Government and various municipal agencies in attending to reports related to these issues which are significant for any population.
He clarified that these patrols had not been put into operation specifically due to the Covid-19 health emergency, but had been part of previous planning, and when the city began to reactivate with the Peñasco three phase plan, it was determined time to streamline the plan, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact the entire community.
Because the crime of family violence is common in Puerto Peñasco, he explained, it was decided to create the specialized unit to deal directly with the problem. The unit will work jointly with the Municipal Institute for Women.
The Ecology Unit, he said, will focus on generating information and creating a culture to teach citizens not to litter public roads, or beaches, and to reinforce respect for the environment. The unit will work with educating the public, but if necessary, sanctions will be applied to those who disrespect the laws regarding the environment.
“I must say that we have below average crime rates in all categories, and currently below the annual average for Puerto Peñasco, with the exception of the crime of family violence; and that’s why we have to work harder.” First to educate society, because violence is not the instrument to resolve conflicts and especially within the family and, second, because if we respect our environment we want to ensure a better place to live in every way, “he said.
The Public Safety Commissioner, José Tlaseca highlighted the importance of the Family Violence Attention Patrol, noting that in the last two months, due to the Coronavirus health emergency, a 45% increase in crimes of this nature has been noted.

Food for the Hungry – Ministry of God Food Assistance Program

Ministry of God now serves lunch to over 1000 hungry people every day in this time of crisis in Rocky Point. Lines form early, mostly respecting social distancing spacing and wearing the required mask covering nose and mouth. The lunches served are simple, but fresh, filling, and greatly appreciated by those who may not eat anything else for that entire day.Since this emergency began just two months ago, over they have provided over 30,000 lunches to people in need. On top of the lunches, bags of essential food items are donated to families who are unable to visit their location for meals. Spiritual and emotional help is always available as well and their services are available online for anyone to join.

Popular DJ SCOTT KAOS Presents “Trapped in Paradise” Weekly Live Fundraisers to Help Locals in Need

DJ Scott Kaos has been sending out techno grooves from his patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Peñasco since April 25th during his weekly Saturday “Trapped in Paradise” charity fundraisers. As a way to give back to the community, and the many parts of Puerto Peñasco impacted economically by the Covid-19 restrictive measures, DJ Kaos has found a way to extend his reach into food baskets, hot meals, lunch programs, and now to the local home for the elderly affectionately known by most as “Asilo Casa Hogar” (Jóse Dávalos Valdivia Casa Hogar).

DJ Scott recently stated, “Your generosity ensures my ability to continue to produce this Live Stream program that has raised $10,274.00 USD to-date for various Charities providing critical assistance to our community in crisis here in Peñasco.”

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