When You’re Hanging in Rocky Point…

At Your Favorite Beach!!!

Happy November Rocky Point! How awesome has the weather been lately? Wow, the days are warm, the nights are breezy and cool, and it’s Fall…my favorite time in Rocky Point! There have been so many events going on lately and it has been fun trying to keep up. Roger Clyne was in town for a couple of shows in mid-October and I was able to catch both of them…he’s always a good time! And speaking of keeping up with what’s going on in town, I recently went to the Encantame Towers Party out at their site on some of the best beaches in town and was able to tour several condos. WHAT an amazing development!!! I highly recommend you check it out…there will be three 100 condo unit towers, some fine dining restaurants, pools, lazy river, a true authentic Starbucks and a bowling alley are just some of what’s happening at Encantame Towers. I liked it so much that after 15 years of being a Rocky Point homeowner, I decided to purchase a unit! Special shout out to my buddies Tomas Carr and Scott Poturalski that did a fine job of explaining and describing the whole development. I look forward to the fun times that await at Encantame Towers with the first units being delivered in the Spring of 2021!

Since our beaches opened back up a few months ago, I thought it would be fun to think of some truly fun things that makes the beach unique as well as Rocky Point unique!

  1. The Malecon (fish market area) is truly a wonderland of fun things to do in town. Shop, eat, drink, buy souvenirs, see awesome ocean scenery, chill out and hear several street performers…it’s all right here in the Malecon. And, of course, remember the night life in the Malecon…just WOW!
  2. Rent a boat and go check out our Sea of Cortez! For about $30 per person for a group of 4, a captain will take you out for half a day on the sea. You don’t need poles or bait and he will even fillet them up for you on the way home! It is truly amazing how many fish you can catch and hey…what’s better than freshy fresh? Well, maybe Kimmie on a Saturday night ? just joshin’ Kimmie! The dolphin show while out on the boat is usually superb as well with literally hundreds following along and beside the boat.
  3. Go for long walks on our beaches that just seem to stretch forever! Also, a great way to meet other people and new friends as you stroll down the beach. Think of it as Rocky Point’s Match.com. This is also a good way to find some cool seashells and sea glass that you can use to decorate your place when you get home. The driftwood, sea glass and seashells over the years is quite large and I have been able to make some fun items with them for my home.
  4. Snap away!!!!!! The beach makes for some of the best photos ever especially if you are an early riser for sunrises or late afternoon to catch our WOWZERS sunsets. In fact, I hear there’s a photo contest coming up…the Rocky Point Photo Contest and this year will focus on beach photos from around town. It is so great to be back on the beach that we should never take advantage of it. Please watch for the rules and the contest in December’s Rocky Point Times!
  5. Gather a group of friends and have a beach party! I know we are more limited to the numbers we can hang out with due to COVID, but you still CAN keep it fun with some music, cocktails, games and of course…your favorite friends! Everyone loves a good beach party so go for it and get planning!
  6. Investigate what is living in our tidal pools. There is sea life that I didn’t even know existed without doing a little poking around myself. Fish, turtles, seahorses, clams, and crabs (you gotta watch out for them), are all abundant in the tidal pools around town.
  7. Relax and have some ME TIME! I think most of us are on the go a bit too much for jobs, kids, families and are occupied with cell phones, emails, texts and social media. The beach is the perfect place just to CHECK OUT and have some time to yourself. I believe you will get to know yourself more which in turn hopefully is a good thing…?. And if you are bored with yourself, try digging a hole to China and let them know you are all fine in Mexico!

Here’s to some great times at our Rocky Point beaches! Hope to see you soon at some of our way fun places to hang out in town like Manny’s Beach Club. There’s always a great time at Manny’s! Here’s to a great Autumn (I don’t want to say Fall again as I may…well fall again…) and all the very best to you for a healthy and happy end of our 2020!