Feliz Diciembre Rocky Point… I sincerely hope your Thanksgiving was filled with many thanks, friends and good times. Special thank you’s go out to all of our local restaurant owners, bar owners, servers, bands and patrons over Rocky Point Bike Week…what a blast! It seems to get bigger and bigger with each passing year…what a special event!

A new special event and place to call home in Rocky Point has come recently to Peñasco…Encantame Soleil! So, I sat down recently with Sales Associate, Tom Carr to learn more about the new three tower attraction coming to town!

Marco: Tell me about your experience at Encantame Towers and what was your favorite part about being involved with that project?

Tom: Well, I went to the first sales presentation with Scott Poturalski and ended up purchasing a one bedroom with Mumsy and my sister Tasha. I was a little leery at first with some of the other skeleton buildings around town, however knowing that Miguel and Mary are not a part of those skeleton projects, we were excited with our purchase. A few months later, I was approached by the Sales Director, Keith Allen to join the sales team as their newest sales representative. Encantame Towers was so exciting watching the buildings erect from a piece of sand to near completion.

Marco: Yes, you have some great sales skills after convincing Jozey Dickens and I to purchase as well, and we couldn’t be happier! We love it!

Tom: And now we are onto our next project called Encantame Soleil. It is another beach front property on the beautiful shores of Playa Encanto. On our opening launch day in October, we sold over 70 units!

Marco: Wow, impressive indeed! What makes Encantame Soleil so special?

Tom: It will have exciting new floor plans and 20-year developer financing to boot. Additionally, it will have more roof top pools, Jacuzzis and Rocky Point’s first condo tower roof top restaurant.

Marco: Where do your clients come from?

Tom: We have a good mix of local business owners and many buyers from Arizona as well as all over America and Mexico including Florida, California, Wisconsin, Utah just to name a few.

Marco: Diversity is always best. Is Encantame Towers sold out?

Tom: We presently have 5 developer units available in our third tower, Viento meaning wind in Spanish. Our first building is Velero which means sailboat in Spanish and is fully delivered and we are offering some resales. Our second building is Verano, meaning summer and is nearing full delivery in the coming months.

Marco: Ok, so a little about you for our readers…how long have you been in Rocky Point and how long have you been a local real estate agent?

Tom: I have been here over 10 years and an agent for about 8 years.

Marco: Good experience to know the town and business! What is your favorite part of your job?

Tom: Everyone I meet down here are all so friendly from the tourists who are just on vacation to the part time residents to my full-time friends and all of the locals who go out of their way to make us all feel welcome and accepted.

Marco: I know, it is quite unique and awesome! What is your funniest memory of living in Rocky Point?

Tom: No matter where I go in town I will bump into a friend or two and a have a bevy or three…ha!

Marco: How does someone reach you if they are interested in making Rocky Point a part time or full-time home?

Tom: Well, my cell phone is 480.406.4047 or my email is tomencantame@gmail.com

Marco: I can surely say that your sales expertise made me another Rocky Point owner and thank you JD! In closing, where can friends find you when you are out and about on the town?

Tom:  First of all, the Encantame Towers Sales Office located on Playa Encanto Beach. For fun, you can find me at Manny’s, Leo’s, Tekila Bar and Banditos. I would love to have new friends come join in on the fun!

Marco: I think I may have done that a time or two. Lastly, what’s your favorite motto in life?

Tom: Don’t tempt me with a good time!

Hysterical! Love it…here’s to a blessed holiday season and may Santa be good to everyone. I look forward to seeing you all at the beach and keep smiling and meeting new friends…they could be your next best friend!