MarkP-01Recently, my buddies Gino Bialy, Scott Poturalski, Randy Gahan and Tom Carr and I headed out to Rocky Point’s own Laguna Del Mar Golf Course for a fun day of sun, laughs, a few beverages and of course GOLF! As always, Randy was quick to arrange a wager on the day’s events. Randy is one of the owners of Wrecked at the Reef and has been a great friend for many years. Sometimes I do not follow what his wager exactly is, but I do my best in whatever activity we are competing in and enjoy the comradery and the good times. I was most pleased to learn that our most recent wager included “a handicap” to help out those with not so great golf talents. ME! So, after checking in with the great staff….we rolled out to start our day…and bet!

If you are not familiar with Laguna Del Mar Golf Course, you have to go out to catch the views of this amazing course. From the lagoon that wraps throughout the whole course making each hole very challenging, to the stone bridges, to the abundance of wild life including flying fish, the course is one to please anyone’s senses. Many non-golfing friends come along for the ride and just take in the beautiful views throughout the course. The course is a Jack Nicklaus signature course and totally awe inspiring. Like many things in Mexico that are not exactly completely done, the course starts at hole 10 and goes through 18. The front 9 have not been completed as yet. So, to play your 18 holes, you simply repeat the back 9. I look at the bright side of this…you get a second shot at every hole without taking a Mulligan!

As usual, the day proceeded with five jokes per hole from our resident Mayor Gino who keeps me roaring the entire day. I think my sidekick gig to just listen and laugh along with Gino is one of the best seats in town. So, needless to say Gino kept us all roaring as I chuckled along beside him. How he plays so well joking the whole time (AND EVEN LANDED A HOLE IN ONE ON A PREVIOUS DAY….WHOOP WHOOP GINO!) is the best part. Randy broke out his new I phone docking station and cranked the tunes and kept us rocking along. Scott kept us all entertained with his funny wit and hysterical stories as Tom and I kept the “spirits” up with a little help with the bartending. Several golf balls were lost, many laughs were had, and several amazing shots were taken including a super long putt dropped in by a certain Rocky Point Times writer. In the end, I won a few dollars from the guys but what I really won was another fantastic day hanging out with the best bunch of friends that anyone could ask for…and that’s what happiness is all about…good friends, good laughs and good times all in the best place of all, Rocky Point Mexico!!!
To get to Laguna Del Mar Golf Course from town, you take the road to Sandy Beach and turn RIGHT at the stop sign near Wrecked at the Reef. Head down the hill and go straight along the power lines. Soon, you will see light blue painted pillars along the sand road. Follow the light blue paint along as the road winds around and puts you at the Laguna Del Mar Clubhouse.   The cost is very inexpensive and includes a golf cart. Several times throughout the day, the golf cart beverage cart will cruise along for your liking. It’s amazing what a little golf cart can carry…all sorts of beers, sodas, sports drinks, bloody Mary’s and a whole bar. The guys also carry a food menu and will drive whatever you order back out to you on the course after it is made…now that’s SERVICE! I highly recommend the club sandwich…I usually do not ever order club sandwiches…but I shall again at Laguna Del Mar…it was incredible!

Until next month, enjoy the awesome weather here in Rocky Point and our warm Sea of Cortez. Please keep in your prayers our dear Rocky Point friend Susan Wiesenberg who passed away suddenly this past month. Susan was a generous soul who was always quick to share a laugh, a story and a good time. Her spirit will live on amongst all of us! As William E Gladstone wrote, “Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness”. I look forward to seeing your happiness and good spirit down by the sea in the near future! ADIOS AMIGOS!! GOD BLESSES!! MARCO