Feliz Junio mis amigos. What a fantastic few months it has been with the amazing weather we have been having. Warm days, not too windy, nice cool evenings…a blessed time to be in Rocky Point for sure. Shout out to my buddy Austin Powers for the guacamole shower at the taco stand outside Banditos (see photo)…even I was a bit shocked and the highly amused workers at the stand sure got a kick out of it. Oh, well there’s some trouble in every bunch :). I recently had my lifelong friends Kimmie and Kenny come for a long weekend visit from Napa, California. We be bopped around town as it was their first time to Rocky Point, and I wanted to show them a lot. Thank you to our friends at Banditos, Capones, Manny’s, Chabelas and the Bella Sirena Swim Bar who helped to show them a great time. Now, they are coming for two weeks next time…woo hoo fun times!

There has been a lot of emphasis on mental health these days and the passing of some very young college girls and others due to pressure, social media, high standards and their inability to seek help and know that there are outlets and loved ones right around the corner. So, here’s a short list of some items that we can all do for each other to make sure we are all in a good place!

  1. As the name of the article reads, the perfect weather does start with YOU. You have the ability to smile to others, comment on something likable about them…a pretty shirt, nice perfume, funny laugh etc. You never know what the smallest compliment can mean and how it can impact their day or even week. So, speak up Rocky Point…we all need to hear a little love!
  2. Watch for signs amongst others and reach out. 27% of Americans face sadness on a daily basis. Moreover, 1 in 4 people feel they have no one to confide in or don’t know where to turn. That leaves a large number of some unhappy folks. Being observant and realizing when and how to reach out to make a difference is imperative. On top of this Covid did little help with many of us experiencing further isolation and even losses of loved ones. Balancing all of life’s demands with school, work, relationships, finances can be stressful for anyone. Losing someone, losing a job, losing a friendship, losing one’s identity can all further these insights and feelings of desperation. This makes it all the more critical that we look out for signs in others AND ourselves as we are responsible to stand up and ask for help when needed. There is ZERO shame in asking for help when you need it. You will learn from your experience and be able to help others even more because you were brave.
  3. Signs to look for in others that they may be needing help are: no longer practicing in activities they enjoyed, sleeping more, isolating themselves from friends and family, being less productive, eating changes such as eating less, increasing alcohol and drug usage and showing impaired judgement. These are just some of the signs to watch out for to help others in need.
  4. People in need’s appearance also seems to change right down to their hygiene. Their moods tend to be more dramatic on both ends of the scale. Things seem to be more funny or sad than they actually are. Some things that they might actually say, “What’s the point?”, “I wish I wouldn’t wake up” or “I feel useless”.
  5. We often don’t want to confront difficult situations and be wrong about our friend’s behavior but truly a friend is a friend and the fact that you are asking means YOU CARE so you are being THEIR FRIEND. Part of being a good friend is showing up when they are going through a difficult time. This includes trusting your instincts and taking the risk to be honest about what you have noticed and why you are concerned. One thing you can always do is call 800-273-Talk to chat with a trained counselor anytime.
  6. Some good questions to check in with yourself or a loved one…

How are you feeling today, truly?

When was your last full meal and how much water have you been drinking?

What’s taking up most of your headspace now?

How have you been sleeping?

What did you do today to make you feel good?

Have you been exercising?

What is something you are looking forward to?

What can you do today to make yourself feel good?

What can we do together this week that will be fun?

What are you grateful for?

A very wise woman once said, Anxiety is like a rocking chair…it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you very far. We can all help each other to live freely, honestly, proudly and compassionately. Let’s always look out for each other and make sure we watch for the signs for helping others. In the end, we may all need a friend to watch out for us at one time or another…and the perfect weather, always starts with YOU!

Adios Amigos

God Bless