IMG_8196Happy April Rocky Point! Man, what an awesome Spring Break we had. The people coming to town were amazing and the fun that followed was simply epic! I was very happy to see the restaurants, cantinas, beaches, vendors, swim up bars and sports rentals in full force and extra busy. The weather has been simply fantastic since mid-January so if you have not come to Rocky Point in a while, you need to get here and if you have, please return…the list of fun events happening in town in the coming months is sure to please everyone!
And speaking of pleasing everyone, the best rumor on Sandy Beach is no longer a rumor…SWIM is back at Bella Resort! SWIM is the super fun, casual and THE place to catch an afternoon beverage and tantalizing appetizer while soaking in the swim up bar or hanging out at the totally renovated and expanded restaurant and walk up bar area. The elegant yet super fun vibe is usually topped off with some great afternoon bands to further your FUN Rocky Point experience. Be sure to pop on over to SWIM and check out the newest addition to the fun times in Rocky Point!
Recently, my friends Brooke (Rubiacita), Cowboy Kelly and Tomas and I decided to seek out a boat excursion out on our Sea of Cortez. So we checked out a couple web sites and learned that the boat tour would be leaving dock around 12:30. Upon arrival, we learned that the boat was sold out for the day. Never people to let some sour news spoil our day (the glass is not half full…it is over flowing!) we inquired about chartering out our own boat for the afternoon. The result was our meeting up with Pepe Cruz and EL JEFE BOAT CHARTERS! And, let fate have it that Pepe did indeed have a boat for us to charter and after some quick talk and a fast run to the adult beverage store (thank you Jose from the Boo Bar for giving us a lift…what awesome timing!), we were on our way and out to the Sea of Cortez!
So off we went captained by Pepe’s brother Checko, a jovial guy with the precise knowledge of where the whales and schools of dolphins are located. Tunes were cranked, beverages were served and the fun began! After about a 45 minute ride out to sea, the most amazing sights began. At least 40 whales were within 50 yards of our boat breaching out of the water and showing off their amazing strength and beauty. The dolphins seemed to be everywhere as well swimming alongside the boat and dancing along to the tunes. We cruised around for a couple hours and ended up watching the most incredible sunset across the sea that I have ever seen! It truly was one of my favorite experiences EVER in Rocky Point! We loved it so much, we booked El Jefe Boat Charters for the very next day and off we went again to enjoy the amazing dolphins, whales, sea life and sunset. Pepe and Checko really know how to make the whole day enjoyable and for about $50 a person, your day can be upgraded from great to ROCK STAR!
IMG_8192The guys were so warm and fun I decided right then that they were the feature for the Rocky Point Times. Recently, I sat down with Pepe to find out more about him and his business…
Marco: When did you start your charter boat business and tell me about the business?
Pepe: I started the business in 2008 as I love to be on the sea and I love to guide and entertain others.
Marco: (laughs)…Si! You are good at that! Tell me a little about you and your life.

Pepe: Well, I have lived a very blessed life as I get to work on the ocean which is just the best place to be. I was married on November 26th of last year to my beautiful bride and life is great!
Marco: When did you first come to Rocky Point and how did you start the business?
Pepe: I first came to Rocky Point in 2007. I was going to Cabo San Lucas with my boats and I made a stop here in Rocky Point to plan my next move and plan the trip to Cabo. But, as luck have it, I met the locals and loved the easy, kick back lifestyle of in a smaller town and low and behold, I found the place that I wanted to live!
Marco: Tell me about your boats and what excursions do you offer:
Pepe: I have several boats to meet all party sizes. I charter for fishing mostly, but also for sightseeing, sunset cruises, whale and dolphin watching and sometimes people just want to be out at sea in the salty air! My boats are always clean, ready and we are on time. The boats are in excellent condition and the captains are bilingual and always in a fun, Rocky Point mood.
Marco: Yes, for sure…a way fun experience!! What can someone expect on the fishing trips?
Pepe: The boats will be ready with poles, tackle and bait and the customer never has to take the fish off the pole if they do not want to. We always find fish and the clients are always satisfied.
Marco: What is your best response from your clients?
Pepe: Like you, they rebook with us and refer other clients to us. I am a firm believer in the universe…be kind to others and good things will come our way.
Marco: That’s awesome advice and words I too try to live by!
Pepe and El Jefe Boat Charters can be reached at MX 638-105-9720 or by email at I HIGHLY recommend Pepe and his fun crew for an amazing experience out on our Sea of Cortez. Whether you are fishing, sightseeing or just want a kick back get a way out on the sea, it is an experience I promise you will not forget!
As Van Morrison wrote and sang…”Hark, now hear the sailors cry, smell the sea, and feel the sky…let your soul and spirit fly…into the mystic”…
And, I look forward to seeing YOU down by the SEA, in amazing place…we call ROCKY POINT!
Adios Amigos! GOD BLESS!