No Matter How You Say It…

Brothers Are The Best!!!

Feliz Junio Rocky Point! Welcome to Summer…I sincerely hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and celebrated some and got to enjoy some West and Welaxation on our beautiful beaches. Things are really popping around town and I am really excited to see another resort start to deliver their finished product to some more Rocky Point homeowners. Encantame Towers is opening and I hear the result is just fabulous. I cannot wait to check them out and see the amazing views and amenities come to life :)!

We all have brothers, whether they are biological siblings, best friends, business partners or just strays we picked up along our journey in life and seem to remain in our lives because they have become family. Dad’s get a lot of credit and even have a Father’s Day, yet we really cannot get by without brothers. These brothers are there for us when we need them so I thought it would be a cool idea to put together a list of some of the best things about BROTHERS…

~He’s there to defend you…whether it is a physical or verbal altercation, a ride to the store or to defend your character, a true brother is there for you and is not afraid to open his mouth in your defense.

~He loves you unconditionally even knowing all your faults…he probably knows you better than most people, even your parents yet he still puffs his chest and at the end of day, loves you.

~He knows when someone is not good enough for you…he has high standards for himself, but he has even higher ones for those that come into your life. He will always guard your heart and make sure you are happy.

~He’s always able to speak your language…some of my best brothers know I have a language all to myself…QT, FTB, GL2Y etc…those that know, KNOW! Or you often don’t even need to speak, he can read your facial expressions or thoughts because he knows you!

~He makes you laugh…ahhhh, this is the key to happiness! You grew up with the same family jokes even if the joke was on you, looking back it is all in good fun.

~You trade advice to each other…just like he watches out for you, he cares about you and vice-versa so you both feel comfortable to share advice to make each other’s lives even better. My brothers are great to speak up and give me some advice when needed. Sometimes they even call me out (yikes…can be needed on a good Saturday night out) :).

~You can pick up anytime even if you haven’t talked in weeks…This is so key to brotherhood. It doesn’t matter when the last time you have spoken, it just is natural when you do speak again, and everything seems to flow. Basically, you get each other which is awesome.

~He keeps you humble…Hey, we all started from the same place, basically with nothing but love at birth and we had to forge our way through life to get us to the point that we are at today. It’s never good to become a braggart or get big-headed because you had some success. Afterall, your success may be fleeting. It is ok to celebrate your success as this will make your brother proud!

~He can help you with technology…WOW, this is a good one for me. Many times I feel technologically challenged but I try to learn each day and get better. My brothers are always there to help me when I need it with a computer, I phone or whatever. Afterall, it’s all Greek to me…gigabytes, modem, router, memory, bandwidth, thumb drive…yeah, not so much over here!

~He is a wealth of good prank ideas…Who doesn’t love a good prank? April Fool’s Day can be celebrated throughout the year after all. There is no time like the present for a good laugh with your brother.

~They make you more successful…Teamwork is usually better than being alone or trying to reach a goal by yourself. “Two heads are better than one” is really a good saying and rings loud with me. Even when I do not agree, sometimes I think, well look at the big picture, does it really matter? Usually no, so I roll with my brother’s suggestions.

~They make great travel companions…They know you best, so who better to travel with than your brother? Plus, the experience will add to your lifetime of fun times you have had together! I have had so many fun travel times with my brothers over the years and it is fantastic to reflect on them later in life!

I think we can all agree that life would not be the same with our brothers. This article is dedicated to my brother, Paulie Paliscak who passed away this past month from a tragic accident while riding on his Ranger. Paulie, always know that you are all of these things to me and I will forever miss you but I know I will feel you with me during both good and bad times. Thank you for being the best brother, business partner and friend that any guy could ask for. I will miss you forever and one day, we shall meet again for sure and I know you will be waiting for me.

Please say a prayer for my brother Paulie…I will be forever grateful.