Wow, it is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us already! Quicker than you can say Front To Back, this year has literally flown by and nearly gone front to back! Thank you to everyone in town that was out and about and helped celebrate my 28th birthday in early October…ok, ok, ya got me…just a tad older :)! Dinner at Moo was really great and thank you to my wonderful friends that picked up the bill…so nice! Thank you also to all of the servers at Leo’s Bar, Banditos, Manny’s Beach Club, Tekila Bar, Wrecked at the Reef, Chango’s and Al Capone’s who helped us all have a good week. Sheesh, what a list…I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. It sure sounds like a heck of a week…way fun for everyone…and if you would like a bar review of your favorite watering hole for the Rocky Point Times, just shoot me an email at

So, we all have a birthday, and I am sure yours is coming up soon. I put together some ideas of why your next birthday should be celebrated in Rocky Point…and please remember to send me an invite…I always love new friends and a cool birthday bash!

  1. You get all of your friends together at the beach. What an awesome idea! Who doesn’t have fun at the beach…well maybe those that forget the occasional sun block and have a little too much fun and sleep it off in the sun :).
  2. Muchos abrazos y besos…a lot of hugs and kisses to go around. Mexicans are know for their love of life and readily share lots of hugs and kisses to warm you up on your big day. So, get those arms and lips ready and get a huggin’ and a smoochin’!
  3. Piñata time! Who doesn’t love a blindfold and a piñata? You can actually fill them with anything you wish. I have seen some pretty creative ideas that go inside of the piñata, but I would recommend being age appropriate. You don’t always want to shock your guests…eh, Powers?
  4. Tres Leches Cake…or 3 milks…for those that do not know, this is a special sponge cakes especially made for birthdays. They are made with evaporated, sweet-condensed and whole milk. They often come in elaborate colors, shapes and sizes. You can order and/or find one at the numerous bakeries around Rocky Point. Marco gives the 2 thumbs up to Tres Leches!
  5. Dancing…whether you are out on the town and clubbing, celebrating with friends at home or watching some Mariachi dancers perform, a good mix of birthday dancing is always fun to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. I especially like to bounce around a bit and check out the scene at different clubs as each one in Rocky Point seems to have a different vibe and flavor!
  6. Las Mañanitas…once the cake is brought out, your friends can gather around to sing Las Mañanitas! Here are the lyrics so you can practice up and sing right along at your next birthday celebration in town. The English is included on the right so you have a clue of what you are rapping along to :)!
Estas son las mañanitas
que cantaba el rey David
a las muchachas bonitas,
Te las cantamos asi.

Despierta, mi bien, despierta,
mira que ya amaneció,
ya los pajarillos cantan,
La luna ya se metió.

Qué linda está la mañana
en que vengo a saludarte
venimos todos con gusto
y placer a felicitarte.

El día en que tu naciste,
nacieron todas las flores,
y en la pila del bautismo,
cantaron los ruiseñores.

Ya viene amaneciendo,
ya la luz del día nos dio.
Levántate de mañana,
mira que ya amaneció
This is “Las Mañanitas”
that King David sang
to the pretty girls;
As we sing them to you.

Wake up, my love, wake up.
Look at what has dawned,
Already the little birds are singing,
The moon already went in.

How pretty is the morning
In which I come to greet you.
We all came with pleasure
and joy to congratulate you.

On the day you were born
All the flowers were born.
At the baptismal font
The nightingales sang.

It is starting to be dawn,
The day has given us light.
Get up in the morning,
Look at what has already dawned.

Many happy birthdays to each and everyone of you and I truly look forward to celebrating with you in the near future. Until then, keep smiling and looking out for someone in need in Rocky Point. When you do, please be sure to offer a helping hand as we have all needed a helping hand at one point of our lives!

All the best,