It’s Back…The Rocky Point Times Photo Contest
And Get Your Fins Out…It’s SHARK BITE Time!!

By Mark Paliscak

Spring has certainly sprung in Rocky Point, with all the festivities going on for Spring Break. Whether you are a kid, a teen, a college student or just a fun and relaxation seeker, there is no better place to be these days than right here in Rocky Point enjoying the amazing weather and the plethora of events taking place in our seaside paradise! And what better way to enjoy your time at the beach than to snap some selfies or beach pictures to document your fabulous time. Plus, you are just in time to enter those photos in our annual Rocky Point Times Photo Contest!!
This year there will be three winners from our sponsors…
1-Lagunitas Brewing Company…a special thank you to Lady Di Brader and Marissa DeBartolo
2-Shark Bite (featured here in this article)…Muchas Gracias to Jorge Gaona, Jerry Gaona and Shayna Sargent
3-Boo Bar…Whoop Whoop Whoop to Jose and Cynthia
To enter the contest simply forward your favorite Rocky Point beach photograph to or The contest runs from April 1st to April 21st, and the winners will be announced in our next addition of the Rocky Point Times right here in Marco Y Amigos. The prizes are usually really cool items and, knowing the kindness and generosity of my friends and sponsors, I bet they will be most fabuloso! So get snapping beach lovers. Some hints to be among the winning crew:

1- Make it original
2- Make it fun
3- Capture Rocky Point at its finest
4- Include a short story about your photo

Please be sure to include your name and phone number, so we have our means to contact YOU, our 2017 Rocky Point Times Photo Contest Winner!
So what’s new in town…well, if you have not checked out the scene at SHARK BITE, you are missing out on a whole ‘lotta FUN! Shark Bite is located in the Malecón a few blocks down on the left hand side as you come into the Old Port area. Shark Bite is an indoor/outdoor oasis of awesome libations, great food, a super cool DJ and sound system, dancing, ocean views from the balcony and most importantly FUN! When you go, be sure to ask for Javier and Linda. They will provide a special Rocky Point welcome and get you started with some of the best drinks in town. I recently sat down with Shayna Sargent to find out more about Shark Bite.
Marco: What are the most popular menu items at Shark Bite?
Shayna: Definitely the breakfast sandwich and our burgers. Although, all of our menu items are tasty, people seem to rave about the breakfast sandwiches, burgers and our onion rings the most.
Marco: Well, I had a breakfast sandwich just the other day, and I have one word…YUM!! Now, what’s all this I hear about your specialty house libation…the Shark Attack?
Shayna: Aw, yes it is way popular and is a great reason to come in!
Marco: What’s in it, Shayna?

Shayna: Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Sprite, Monster, Blue Curacao and Grenadine.
Marco: Hmmm, I’ll take two please! Tomas looks parched! Any other specialty drinks?
Shayna: Yes, the Gnarly Turtle. It’s made with Vodka, Rum, Sour Apple, Pineapple Juice, Sprite and Monster.
Marco: Sounds like another winner for sure! What time does Shark Bite open?
Shayna: 10am is when the fun starts…are you in?
Marco: Let’s go! All this talk of great food, specialty drinks and fun has me all set to rock…Vamonos!!!
A great quote for us all to smile and enjoy…“Life takes me down many paths, but my favorite ones lead me to the beach”, Unknown. And, while you are cruising on down to the beach, remember to bring your cell phone or camera and get some awesome photos so you too can enter your photo into our contest. Good luck to everyone and best wishes for a successful and super Spring! Please be sure to check out and thank our sponsors for the Rocky Point Times Photo Contest…GRACIAS a Boo Bar, Shark Bite and Lagunitas Brewing Company. You all are the best! Until next month, please remember to keep smiling and reaching out to those in need around town. Everyone can use the best thing you have to offer, YOU!
God Bless.
Adios Amigos!