MarkP-2Well, it is that time of year again when we can pack up our long pants, jackets, sweaters, boots and other warm garb and break out the swim trunks, bikinis, beach towels, beach chairs, sporting equipment, sunglasses and oh yes, that coconut scented sun tan lotion! AHHHH…SPRING BREAK is upon us! And, if you are not in Rocky Point, you need to get here to enjoy SPRING BREAK 2015 ASAP!!
March is officially the start of the spring break season with universities, high schools and grade schools having their breaks at different weeks throughout March and April. From Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and virtually the rest of the western USA and many other Midwest and Eastern states, the students are ready for a much needed break and vacation. Over the years, Rocky Point has become more and more popular amongst other Mexican cities as well including Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Mexicali and other northern Mexico cities and pueblos. The fact is, Rocky Point is a beautiful, safe place to vacation where your money goes far, the friendships go even farther and the gorgeous views just seem to go forever.
What’s hot for this spring break…

** Rocky Point is famous for its amazing beaches. From Sandy Beach to the Mirador to Las Conchas to Playa Encanto…we have an array of amazing beaches to enjoy. Whether you are looking to do some people watching or sporting events or just kicking back in a relaxing atmosphere free of others, there is always a place to call YOUR home on the beach here in Rocky Point.

** There is a large array of water sports to try out while you are here. Some of the more popular water sports are the banana boat rides (always a hit with all ages), kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, surfing, wind surfing, boogie boarding, parasailing, boating and yes one of my kick back likes is just floating on a relaxing raft. I always make an effort to try a new water sport each year and to revisit my faves for sure! There is such a wide variety of water sports to choose from and with the water temps in March making the sports even more enjoyable, your options are boundless. So seize the day and hop on a new ride and enjoy our beautiful sea!

** When it comes to Spring Break…it’s all about the BARS BARS BARS and where else do we have such an abundance of bars than right here in Rocky Point! As usual, there is all sorts of bar promotions going on to get you to try out a new locale or revisit an old favorite watering hole. In Old Port, watch for the drink special cards being handed out all around the Malecon area. On Sandy Beach, just watch the stream of cars heading out to the favorite watering holes like Wrecked At The Reef or Banditos. If you are staying at or near a resort, they too will have their Spring Break specials at their resort or hotel bar. But PLEASE, always plan ahead and arrange for a designated driver or hail one of the many cab companies available to you all around town. We want you back and we want you SAFE! Any way you slice it or sip it or shoot it, it’s all about good times with old and new friendships and forgetting your troubles and stresses of home and chilling out for an awesome Spring Break at one of our world-famous fun-time cantinas!

**Your Spring Break would not be complete without checking out the abundance of restaurants we have in town. And when in Rocky Point, it’s the seafood that you just cannot beat. Shrimp is the catch of the town and some of the best one can find anywhere! But don’t stop at the shrimp…there are so many varieties of fish available right from our sea, that it is always a good idea to try a sample plate to tantalize your palate. Clams, oysters, lobster, squid and mussels are just some of the other seafood that you can regularly find on our menus…so BON APETIT mi amigos!
I sooo look forward to seeing YOU at the beach in Rocky Point this SPRING BREAK. Be sure to pack your SMILE, your WARM-HEART, your FUN SPIRIT and your incredible SELF! As always when heading out to the beach or out and about around town, pack an extra token of kindness to give to a random person in need. They will be truly amazed at your generosity, however you will be even more amazed at the difference YOU can make in the lives of others. YOU have the power to change our world one gesture and ONE act of kindness at a time so please remember to reach out and touch another’s life…I promise you, you will be blessed! HAVE FUN AMIGOS…GOD BLESS…and from all of us at the Rocky Point Times, HAPPY SPRING BREAK 2015!! SALUD!!