MarkP-1Jennifer Aniston wrote, “Where would you be without your friends? The people to pick you up when you need lifting. We come from homes far from perfect so you end up almost parent and sibling to your friends- your own chosen family. There’s nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend, NOTHING”. Friends come and go throughout our lives and many remain with us whether we are hanging out on a weekly basis, calling or texting each other, or simply an old friend that lives in our memories forever. Rocky Point has always been a special place for all of us to meet new friends, reconnect with old buddies and be at home with our best pals.

A dear old buddy, Kent Cossey has been an awesome friend to me for over ten years. Kent has been a fixture in and around Rocky Point for decades whether wheeling and dealing in real estate, golfing on the links, hanging out at his condo in Old Port or tossing back some frosty libations in our world-famous cantinas. In March, Kent lost his life to cancer. Kent Cossey will be missed by everyone around our wonderful city. Kent was always quick with a zinger to keep you in stitches. Additionally, he was surely eager to share some of the best qualities in life that we all can learn from, remember and strive to become:

1—Embrace your life…you only have one so enjoy it to its fullest!

2- Sometimes all of your worries and troubles can be resolved just by hanging out with your friends and having a drink or two.

3- Many of your best memories in life can be found on the golf course with friends…and what better place to golf than right here in Rocky Point!

4- Always greet your friends, new and old with a warm smile and hug. You never know the journey they have been on and your warmth can be the very best part of their day!

5- Work hard/ play hard…Don’t be afraid of hard work as it builds character and allows you to become the person you are destined to be. On the flip side, don’t let work consume you…always make time to let loose and enjoy yourself whole-heartedly!

Adios my dear friend, Kent Cossey. May your spirit live on in Rocky Point amongst your friends and colleagues. Our memories of you will always be with us…THANK YOU! So, here’s to you Kent…May you rest in God’s hands until we are all united once more. Thank you for exemplifying what FRIENDSHIP means to us and what an awesome reminder you are to us to always cherish our friendships! Salud amigo!

Happy April Rocky Point! I wish each of you an amazing month and may each of you be blessed with a friend just like…KENT!