Mariachis-TequilaChef Ramon has done it again. Mariachis and Tequila is a beautiful restaurant. It’s great as it is and he plans on remodeling the 2nd floor soon too. Not only that, the food is terrific and the service is attentive, fast, and friendly.

The area affectionately known as “Rodeo Drive” or “Shacks 5th Avenue” was remodeled and paved a few years ago but the recession and the dead-end road pretty much ensured that it had very little traffic. Since the road has now been extended to reach the new Convention Center and on to Sandy Beach, and our tourism has come back, things are really picking up for the vendors.

One thing that has been missing from your all-day shopping extravaganza was a good place to eat. Ramon and his new partner David have solved the problem in a big way. We’re not talking street tacos here (not that street tacos are a bad thing sometimes). This is a first class restaurant with the great food and ambiance that one would certainly expect from Ramon and David.

Ramon is an award winning chef and has been a fixture in Rocky Point for many years between his in-town restaurant that started out as his own house, the restaurant at the Sonoran Sea Resort, and his catering and wedding services. His reputation for great food and service is solid and we can expect more of the same at Mariachis & Tequila.

David is a native of Toluca, and he has had a shop on Rodeo Drive for a few years as well as another in the Old Port area where he has been open since 1987. His good business sense helped him to recognized the need for a restaurant on Rodeo Drive and he began the conversation with Ramon. The end result will benefit Rocky Point and the multitudes who frequent the area.

The restaurant opened last month with a grand ribbon cutting ceremony complete with mariachis, Mexican dancers, and many of our City’s movers and shakers. I have yet to try it but I have no doubt that it is great.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Group,, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.