Lots of talk about the moon lately. To add a few FYI’s: a harvest moon is when the moonrise for several days around the time of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox occurs nearly at sunset. Before the artificial lighting this gave farmers more time to harvest. A blue moon is an extra full moon that appears in a subdivisions of a year, either the third of four full moons in a season, or recently, a second full moon in a month.

Jackie S.

Puerto Peñasco

Where exactly is Yummi Salads located????

CJ Miller

Yummi Salads is on Blvd Fremont in Fremont Plaza, north side, just past first stop sign past Black Dog and Giuseppi’s.

Dear Sandy:

Thank you for reminding me that I needed to renew my RPTimes subscription. I’d be lost without it for sure.

We were down during “bike” week and as usual enjoyed every minute of our stay.

We’ve been going to RP for at least 25 years and have made many wonderful friends, even been invited to birthdays, weddings, etc and when possible we go. Being invited to their homes mean so much, they all have become family to us.

Again many thanks for your papers. Have a blessed holiday season.

Much Love

Dale & Jean Johnson

Arizona & Indiana

Hey Rocky Point experts, I’d love to hear about Rocky Point during Thanksgiving! What is it like? What factors should I consider for spending my holiday down there? How’s the weather that time of year? Any tips or advice for planning a great family turkey day are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Diane Rafter

THANKSGIVING in Rocky Point is just about the BEST TIME you could have anywhere in the world!! Warm days, cool nights…bring some sweats for night time around the fire ring. We even have turkeys for sale in most of the stores! LOL We really have everything you need for a wonderful family holiday.

“You are awesome. I wish we had a site like this where I live…which is really awesome”

Honey Groover

Thank you for the compliment! Everyone here at the Rocky Point Times Newspaper offices, appreciates you taking the time to tell us.

Greetings RP TImes!

My friend gave me a precious copy of “Cholla Chatter” Volume 29, No. 11, from November 1986. The mast head says “Official Publication of the Cholla Bay Sportsmen Club. The newsletter was found among my friend’s mother’s possessions. She owned a place in Cholla Bay for many years. I have a place in Las Conchas and was delighted as I read through this nostalgic piece of Cholla Bay history. I’d love to send a pdf. copy to you or snail mail a copy if you like so you can enjoy it too!

Also, if you know a sportsmen club member who might appreciate the original artifacts, I’d be more than happy to give it to him/her.

That’s basically it for now. Best wishes, Anne Hanson, Las Mareas, Las Conchas since 1996/Scottsdale

Yes, yes…how cool. We want to read it…AND if you bring or send us the original, we will make sure it goes to the CBSC for their archives!!!


SO happy to hear, Alicia!

Here is the PDF and I will be sure to bring the original for you to share with CBSC!

Thank you for your friendly and fantastic Rocky Point Times which keeps us RP fans all in the family.

Anne Hanson

You are FUN crazy…which is a beautiful thing!

Deborah Debi

Debi, are you talking to me? or one of my FROGS??? LOL SandyO

We are looking to renew our vows in Rocky Point. Wonder if you know of any pastors or ministers that would do this? Just the two of us and them. Any help would be appreciated!!” Brandie Armer-Flanders

Viva Mexico” is our favorite taqueria in R.P. Love the carne asada tacos! The owners are wonderful too.

Barbra Roberts

AND, they serve their tacos at the other end of the Port on weekends.

Hi, I hear there are a couple Nursing Homes, Long Term Care or Assisted Living Centers locally? Can you provide any info on what they are and where they are located? any contact info is also greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


Remembering memories we made..putting our boat in the water and staying in a little cottage…and broiling our catch…just a few yrs ago…1969!!! yikes…

Barbara Behan Hanten

Oh yes, we know what you mean…”Only a few years ago”.

I will be doing a little research on this, but thought I’d throw it out there to the pros for assistance anyway. Booked a week-long trip to Puerto in September already, just found out dog has diabetes. So…either have to cancel Puerto and go elsewhere (which I don’t want to do) or find a place in Puerto where we can take our two Chihuahuas. I think I may have found a place, but wanted to get info on taking dogs in and out of Rocky Point/Mexico. Thanks!

Connie Hutzel

The information you need is the dogs vet papers, stating their shots are up to date, and photos would be a good idea.

Is anyone familiar with how marriage license works in RP? Are they transferable to US? Please provide any feedback. Thank you!!

Iris Renteria

Since you are in another country, I am sure the marriage must be filed in the USA, to be legal there. Ask Sol at Si I Do Wedding Planners (011-52-638) 388-8238

One of my favorite places in the world!

Sarah Taylor

Yes, Rocky Point is our favorite place, too!

Everyone should live here, working on my 25th year. Life is good.

Pat Foss

Since 1990…pretty close behind you. Came to check it out, and never left. SandyO

That sounds amazing! I’d love to wake up to the ocean everyday!

Annette Marie Matty-May

Sandra, we LOVE RP and have been trying to go twice a year for the past few years. We subscribe to the RP Times and are bringing our little boys (chihuahuas) for the first time (which I am a little freaked about) this year (Sept 26-Oct 1), because one has been recently diagnosed with diabetes…would love to meet you, but if not, can you send me some doggy friendly places (diabetic dog is cool, other one Hickey a little crazy LOL)…we had to cancel one reservation, but got another at the Spa, that takes dogs. If you could send dog friendly (especially football places LOL) that would be great. Love the paper and you are SUPER! Thanks!

Connie Hutzel

Yes, Giuseppi’s on Blvd Fremont (next to Black Dog) allows ‘well mannered pets’ on their patio, and Duke’s off Calle 13 also, on their patio. For FOOTBALL, it would Duke’s.

Sandra, good to know you are still around RP. We used to advertise back when we started so many years with the RP Times.

Santo Tomas

Of course I remember you, Santo Tomas!! Yes, I am still here, and still publishing the RPTimes…many many years now…and loving it! Stop by to see me when up this way?

Sandra O’Hare- I need to sign up for the newspaper! 🙂

Annette Marie Matty-May

Simply go to Rocky Point Times and click on ‘SUBSCRIPTIONS’ to mail the form, OR Email Alicia rockypointtimes@yahoo.com She will begin your subscription, and we will wait for your check in the mail. How’s that?

Enclosed is my check for $35.00. Please renew my subscription to the Rocky Point Times for another year.

Thank you.

Keith Eaton

Can I get the rocky point times on my phone App?

Janet Livingston

Well, no…but just go to www.rptimes.com and click on the orange logo ISSUU to read our issue(s)…how’s that??

This place is awesome!

Brian Ganster

Yes, Casa del Capitan celebrated their 21st Anniversary in July. Such a fun restaurant with good food and margaritas, of course!

Has anyone taken a rental car to R.P. for the weekend, if so which company did you use or recommend? I been researching not all allow ppl to take rental into México n their an extra insurance that needs to be purchased


La Tigra Laveroynomas

Try Enterprise, and maybe Hertz.

My husband and I tried The Point for the first time last month, and I had this dish. We both loved it!!

Jenn Nfj

The “Pescado Enpapelado” (Flounder and shrimp wrapped in foil) at the Point is fabulous!