Red CrossThe local Red Cross of Puerto Peñasco has provided more than 5,000 forms of service to the community during 2015, whether consultations or medical attention, and collected over 650,000 pesos from diverse fundraising activities throughout the year, indicated Board President Julio Valenzuela during a recent report of the institution’s activities this year.

Valenzuela detailed numerous achievements this past year, as well as funds raised for the care and attention provided by the institution, along with ambulance services.

The Board Director stressed that within just one year the local Red Cross went from having 1 working emergency vehicle to 7, following repairs to existing vehicles and the donation of additional units through the efforts of the local Rotary Club (Club Rotario Mar de Peñasco, A.C.) and the State Red Cross.

He remarked the annual Red Cross collected rose just over 273,000 pesos (approximately $17,600 US) for the institution while an additional 318,000 pesos (approximately $20,500 US) were made possible from the “round up” program at local OXXO stores earlier in the year. Fees from license plates donated to the local Red Cross in 2015 totaled 49,000 pesos (approximately $3,150 USD), along with 40,000 pesos from property tax payments (approximately $2500 USD), and nearly 40,000 pesos from parking fee collections specifically for the Red Cross during the recent Rocky Point Rally. In coming days, the Red Cross will also be receiving part of the donation from registration fees raised during the recent Rocky Point Rally (last year this amount was approximately $2000 USD).

With funds from the various fundraising opportunities, the Red Cross is currently working on building a roof over the emergency room area at its facilities and has purchased ambulance equipment as well as worked to meet one of their strongest needs – that of buying diesel and fuel in general for ambulances.

To help meet this need, Mayor Kiko Munro announced the City Administration has committed to provide the local Red Cross with 1200 liters of diesel/gasoline monthly. This is in addition to providing 9 salaries through the City for Red Cross personnel.

During the past administration the Red Cross was also given a piece of land to raffle off as a fundraising effort in helping to cover the needs of the institution. The raffle is set to take place on Friday, February 26th and tickets are available at the Red Cross located on Blvd. Fremont.