Wind-TurbineTechnical difficulties that impede monitoring of electric wind generator from Spain is reason why wind farm is yet to function.

For those asking why the large “fan” located in Sandy Beach is not working, though it was officially inaugurated with the goal of benefiting more than 10,500 people in the state while cutting down on electric costs, the answer is that equipment to install the wind generator is awaiting a piece that will allow for long-distance monitoring in order to verify operations are running 100%. This is required so that the Spanish manufacturing company GAMESA will honor the equipment guarantee.

“In order to monitor, a connection is required with Spain through specialized equipment. Tests have been done though the connection was insufficient, therefore the manufacturer made a special card for monitoring and sensors. The card comes from Sweden, then to Spain, and will then be sent to Puerto Peñasco,” confirms Engineer Angel de la Puerta, project supervisor.

The wind generator equipment is in perfect condition to begin operations, however it will only be turned on once the monitoring connection is in optimum condition (which could take place at any time). This will prevent any detail that could arise or cause further delays.

The wind generator is a project of Federal Representative Antonio Astiazarán, which will work with clean energy to support 10,500 families in the center part of the State along with 500 lower-income families in Puerto Peñasco.

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