Beach-BumWhen thinking of beach bums, most of us envision California surfing dudes, muscle bound weight lifters, sun tanned skate boarders or teens cruising the local coastal hangouts with car stereos blasting, vibrating eardrums and windows for blocks around.

No one ever considers a Brown Pelican being a beach bum. Actually, except for lacking a surfboard and head-splitting boom box, they’re probably more qualified than the human variety.

Passing through the marina area when visiting Rocky Point recently, I happened to come upon a relaxing pelican, roosting atop a pickup truck. Apparently in need of an afternoon siesta, the avian fisher must have decided to take a break on the closest available perch – which happened to be the cab roof of a blue and white Chevy S-10.

Coincidentally, the bird also positioned himself directly in line with a large roadside sign — several yards in the background – advertising the Beach Bum restaurant in Old Port.

An appropriate caption for this particular story.