You have to wear shades!!!

Feliz Mayo Rocky Point! I hope spring has sprung into your life and you are enjoying these beautiful days on the beach. Being a beach guy myself, I was really shocked to think back at the last time I really chilled and spent a day relaxing on the beach and enjoying time with my friends. Life can be a bit hectic sometimes so thank you Princesa Poturalski and Susie and Danny Corona for kidnapping me and entertaining me at the beach recently. The laughs were awesome including a new hairstyle for Princesa, aka Julia Roberts :). As Scotty Pea said, “wow from purple to blonde in less than an hour!”

Well, being around the beach or anywhere around town, a cool pair of shades is essential not just for protection but to toss a little pizzazz in your razzmatazz. There are so many different types of sunglasses out there so I thought it would be “cool” to list several of the different types of sunglasses and give an analysis of who wears them, a little info on the type and what their character is most probably like…this should be fun!

Wayfarer- These sunglasses came out in the 50’s and have been back in style since the early 2000’s. They are more often seen on guys, but gals can rock a good pair as well. Even if you aren’t dancing in your Oxford and underwear to Old Time Rock ‘n Roll in the 80’s, I will say that this style almost always is fool proof. You look classy, retro and for even an edgier trend…go like me with the mirrored lenses…it always keeps ‘em guessing :)!

Aviators – This type of sunglasses is very popular amongst Ray Ban fans. They tend to be oval shaped and good for peeps with rounder faces and for all those pilots out there. These have been a classic for several decades and look good on most anyone…even Tomas who I think spends a good chunk of his wages on sunglasses as they just seem to disappear within days of a new purchase. Classic story…one time I said to Tomas oh, new sunglasses? Yep, just walked down to the beach and got them. I don’t want to guess hours, but ok 2 hours…GONEZO! 🙂

Cat Eye Sunglasses- Well, these can look purrfect on the right person…definitely most often seen on women than men. They put some mystery behind your look…like back off or I’ll scratch your mirrored Wayferers! They also can put a little spunk in your step and make you stand out from the crowd. These are a classic dating way back to the 40’s…raaarrrrrrrr!

Oversized Sunglasses- Ok, so these were so the thing…maybe a decade or 2 ago. So, Mary Kate and Ashley…a bit dated. But hey, if you drank too much (all your tequila girls) and popped a header and fell on your face, these are a good thing to keep around to cover as much of the blood bath as you can. Otherwise, you can always go straight for the ski mask. The bank tellers might not like you much but hey, they can’t see your black eye:)!

Wrap Around Sport Glasses- These look good WHEN you are playing sports…no so Bueno when not. You don’t exactly see people at fashion shows with them on so that might be a good clue in itself. However, if you are playing beach volleyball, they work out way better than a Wayfarer. They are cool, snug and stay in place. Probably, three words my parents never said about me…ants in the pants Marco!

Clip On’s- Well, I am not exactly sure when these came around…maybe the 40’s or 50’s. I don’t think this was ever a good look but when you had little options in the days of World War II, they were a good option. Today, I would skip right over these or better yet, donate some to a senior center to help out those in need.

Round Glasses- Time to bring out your John Lennon style…if you have it in you…or your inner hippie self. I think everyone has a little hippie in them so they can look cool for the right event and the right time. As a daily pair of go to sunglasses, I’d give them a pass…but they can be fun!

Persol- These classic sunglasses came to fashion in 1962 and were worn by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. The “affair” was such a hit, it started the rage for Persol’s. Today, the rage remains and are a very flattering pair of shades on most any face. Like the Wayfarer, they always look classy and accent your duds with some style. Def, one of my faves and have a few!

Tortoise Shell- Like the Oversized sunglasses, these tend to look best on gals. Although, lately there is a trend where they are coming in guys shades as well. Personally, I like these on gals as it shows a fun, sporty side…yet worn with some boots and a blazer can look quite fashionable. Cool option!

With so many brands, types, colors, frames, lenses, polarized and accessories…sunglasses are a must item especially for us at the beach. My best advice is to own several and mix and match to your mood for the day. Have fun and wear several. I think I have four go-to’s…mine are all mirrored…hmmmm…keep ‘em guessing right? As Richie Sambora said, “You can never have to many sunglasses or guitars!”. So ROCK ON, Rocky Point with your sexy shades. I’ll be looking for you and most likely will be the first to stop you and say, “hey cool shades”. 🙂