All About Fun!!!

We made it through the holidays and wow…we are well into the 20’s now. Happy 2022 one and all. Are we really going into the third year since the pandemic started? Who would have ever thought the crazy changes, precautions, vaccinations, boosters, testing sites, masks, gloves, sanitizers would have become part of our norm? Let us all pray that 2022 is the year the pandemic is eliminated, and we can return to even more normalcy. I am very hopeful that with all of our efforts, the outcome for a quicker full recovery to normal life will be around the corner.

With fun in our forecast for 2022, I listed out a few fun things for us to do that are truly unique to Rocky Point residents and vacationers alike. Try one, try two, try them all… The most important thing is to let loose and have some fun…the real theme of ROCKY POINT!

Music Festivals ~ Definitely Rocky Point has become known for its music festivals throughout the year. It seems that most every month there is some major show going on…even sometimes a couple a month. Starting with the January Jam in the beginning of the year, the town seems to rock right on through to Circus Mexicus in the summer and beyond into our fall festivals and all the concerts that occur later in the year. Sombreros off to all the performers, musicians, venue owners, promoters and everyone that it takes to put the events together! Having seen firsthand my good friends that put some of these events together, it takes a village to make it happen…and what a village we are in :).

Tequila Tasting @ the Tequila Factory ~ OMG definitely way fun…pop in and see Fernando and the bunch for a fun couple hours of tequila tasting some of Rocky Point’s finest. The array of tequila flavors is endless and it is truly a special day to spend with your friends. Who knew all the color explosions? Not even Oliver Closeoff could see this coming! For those that do not know, The Tequila Factory is located on Benito Juarez on the bottom floor of the 3-story building at the corner of Calle 12, just south of the Calle 13 stop light.

Golfing with your buddies ~ Yes there are 3 courses in town…we have Las Palomas, the Mayan Palace and Islas Del Mar. They are all beautiful courses and well-maintained, but my favorite is Islas Del Mar. Although it is only 9 holes which you play twice, it has so many fond memories for me of my friends who have come and gone from Rocky Point and this Earth, that it will also hold a special place in my heart. The lagoons on the course are really spectacular and when the sun hits just right on the water, it reminds me of Aruba…just turquoise water everywhere. I’ll always remember the stories about some golfersswan diving into the lagoon, some golfers accidentally driving their cart into the lagoon (eh, Marshall?) and even cemented golf shoes to honor our dear buddy, Kent Cossey.

Body surfing the waves ~ Yes, it is true, there are days where the sea does not even have a ripple and is like glass…probably time to grab your raft or kayak and go for a spin. But there are plenty of days a month (track the tides and the moon here in the Rocky Point Times) that have awesome waves to body surf, boogie board, skin board or whatever your preference is. It is always a good time and good for some exercise.

Catch the whales ~ Our area of the Sea of the Cortez is a main breeding grounds for many types of whales. There are a myriad of boats and rental companies to go out and check out the whales. They usually arrive at the start of the year and can even be seen up to April. There are several that advertise here in the paper. Personally, I have hired a few private boats near the Malecon for a very reasonable price and have been on Eco Fun several times. They always provide a good experience with a pleasurable crew complete with a bartender and live dancing. Well, the live dancing part is probably just me and my friends after we found the bartender :)!

Bike Week- This festival happens in the beginning of November and runs throughout the week. There are just tons of bikers everywhere in town and the bands and hot night spots seem to be literally everywhere. Such a fun experience to see the thousands of bikes and bikers literally line every foot of the Malecon! Truly a must see for anyone.

Peñasco Culinary Festival ~ This festival happens in February each year and not only includes food from the finest restaurants around town but includes a lot of bands and wine tasting. They even have a raffle for prizes donated by local artists to raise money for the Red Cross. Great way to taste an array of food, try some great wines, meet a bunch of new friends and help out the community!

Beach Walk/Clean Walk ~ We truly have some amazing beaches, and it is always great to help keep them clean for the next person coming along. I would not say that most of us do not intentionally litter however Rocky Point can be windy some days and trash just seem to get away from us at times. So, grab some friends and some bags and take a stroll down the beach and pick up the trash as you walk along. You will get some exercise, help our planet, make our beaches even more beautiful and have some fun doing it!

Mermaid’s Market ~ This market is held on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10-3 in the Shrimp Plaza and is a great way to check out local arts and crafts as well as some local food. There is even a bar for those that have a little thirst in their soul as they shop. Some of the proceeds from Mermaid’s Market go to help those in need in our community.

Sunset Watch from Whale Hill ~ This truly is one of our amazing advantages of Rocky Point. Unlike many seaside towns, Rocky Point has an awesome viewpoint of the whole city from the apex of Whale Hill. There are two restaurants on the hill to take advantage of the views; La Casa del Capitan and Pane e Vino…definitely something to take advantage of!

Rent a Boat for Deep Sea Fishing ~ For just $20 per person, you can gather 3 friends and rent a captain and a boat for 4 hours and head about 5 miles out to sea and spend the day with music, drinks, fishing, and friends. The captain provides the poles, the bait, knows where the fish are at and even fillets the fish up on the way back! You literally will come back with fish to eat for a week! So fun for a great day in the sun!

Rent an Ultra-Light ~ These are the small planes buzzing around the beach areas. The pilot actually flies one passenger around and you can get a spectacular view of the whole town. I thought I’d be a bit nervous but once we went up, it was all smiles and good views. It’s been a few years since I rented an Ultra-Light, but I think they are only around $50 for a great experience!

Truly, there are so many other places, sites and events to enjoy in Rocky Point that this article can go on and on. Choose one, choose some, choose them all. The best is to make your own wish list for Rocky Point and check them off as the year goes by. This way you are sure you saw and did all that you wanted to do in town for 2022!

Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila…REPEAT!

Happy 2022! GOD BLESS!