With Julio’s Healthy Meals!!!

Feliz Mayo Rocky Point! Awwww, we are now in full on into beach mode with Spring Break behind us and the beautiful days and nights ahead! Special thanks to Scott Poturalski (Scotty Pea) for handling my smooth transaction on my new home in Rocky Point. It is scheduled to closed May 3rd so as you may be reading this, I should be on my new balcony soaking up all that Rocky Point has to offer…PERFECTO! Another shout out to my daughter Via Maria, who graduates from Texas Christian University this month…best of wishes my sunshine on your next journey in San Diego with your new career in tech sales! Don’t work too hard and please don’t forget about your friends in Rocky Point…we will all be routing for you and cannot wait to see you in Mexico!

Calling on all local art lovers and a way to support the great artists in our local community… The Art Walk is back!

Art Walk Spring Edition 2024

What started as a winter activity more than 5 years ago will now have a Spring Edition. A group of local artists will be gathering around the Old Port at several venues, giving the visitors and art lovers the opportunity to wander around the streets of Peñasco’s Old Port while getting to know their work.

On Sunday, May 26th from 2 pm to 7 pm the following venues will be hosting this event: Cafe del Puerto, Buzagi Coffee, Leo’s Bar, Patio del Arte, Mercedes Rústicos and Patrizia Concept Store. All the venues are located nearby along two streets in the Old Port which are 1º de Junio and Alcantar streets and a little detour on 20 de Noviembre street.

This edition’s artists will be: Jok Cardenas, Mario Perez, Diana Caballero, Valery Mireles, Daeli Cruz, Manuel m. Peña, Jose Pastor, Julieta Olalde, Gloria Nuñez, Luis Garzón, Monica Gisele, Nat Lala, @mini.missys, Jenny Kirgis, Paty Gracida and Zacarias Paez. The variety of styles and techniques include, impressionism, abstracts, surrealism, cubism and figurative works, ranging from a contrasting black and white to works full of vivid colors portraying the artists’ personality. Last winter edition was a total success according to one of the organizers and they are confident this activity will grow in attendance and participation year after year.

And speaking of growing year after year, if you have never utilized the talents of our own Julio C. Velazquez of Julio’s Healthy Meals, please give the company a try! Whether it is a large party, a cocktail happy hour, an intimate dinner party with friends, whatever the occasion, Julio and his team come directly to you in Rocky Point to provide some of the best food anywhere in town! Personally, we have utilized him for many families get togethers (I can make a good cocktail…eh friends? But, if I had to cook dinner, they might be heading straight for the emergency services in town 😊) and everyone always raves about his cooking and presentation and of course you get the Julio factor…full of charm and personality! So, I thought it would be cool for all of us to get to know Julio a tad better. Recently, I moseyed over for a sit down with Julio…

Marco~ Tell me a little about yourself, where did you grow up?

Julio~ I grew up in central Mexico in Guanajuato and Jalisco. I went back and forth from the city to the country and I really enjoyed both but the country is really where I found my love for the ethnic homemade cuisine. I watched the food being made by my grandmothers with firewood cooking and clay pottery. The beans, tortillas, herbs etc. was all organic and fresh and was just the best!

Marco~ I bet! Yeah, you can tell front to back that your ingredients are all fresh and YUM! When did you first come to Rocky Point?

Julio~ I first moved in May of 2009 and was expecting to see upscale cuisine as I was used to but was met with very casual bar food. Burgers, wings and the classic dishes from seafood and especially shrimp seemed to be mainstream in most of the town back then. It was much more difficult to show new ideas.

Marco~ So, when did you come up with Julio’s Healthy Meals?

Julio~ it all started in 2013 with many specialties which focused on Mediterranean and French cuisine. I really wanted to put an emphasis on the fresh ingredients and deliver something different than what was more of the standard back then.

Marco~ Yes, I remember when there were much more limited options. What are some of your client’s favorite dishes or meals?

Julio~ Chicken Shawarma, fish fillet, jicama tortilla tacos with shrimp with avocado mousse, blue cheese crostini with steak and red wine glazed onions, seabass over double butter mash potatoes and Beurre Blanc sauce and roasted Za’atar Tofu with chickpea salad and garlic cabbage seem to be big hits. We also offer gluten free options as well as other special meals including a Mexican taco bar for large parties or families.

Marco~ Wow, I am famished just thinking about the options! I am going to have to try some new dishes now! Tell me about the people that work for you?

Julio~ Blanca Mendoza and Osiris Bravo work with me and I am truly blessed for their support. We all work toward making an event the best and really “cater” to our client’s wishes and desires.

Marco~ What is your favorite thing about owning Julio’s Healthy Meals?

Julio~ Getting to know different families in Rocky Point whether they are locals or vacationers looking to chill out and letting us make their vacation experience even better! It is really cool to get to know their backgrounds as well as their love for food. I totally appreciate the compliments and as they say, one party usually leads to another 😊! It is amazing how people will drive all the way to Rocky Point just to have us cook for them and help to create a unique experience. We deliver right to your door and usually do all the prep work up front and then are there to help set the display of food up for the clients.

Marco~ Yes, and I know you have been known to throw in a little dancing to some tunes to help entertain the guests. What are some of the most popular events that you do?

Julio~ Cocktail parties and especially in home fine dining. They basically hire me to come in the home and cook for their dinner parties which allows the hosts to focus on their guests and the fun!

Marco~ How did you learn English so well growing up in Mexico?

Julio~ Well, I was raised in a Catholic bi-lingual school in Jalisco.

Marco~ Aha! I knew there had to be a reason for your perfect English. How can people hire you if they wish to use your services?

Julio~ They can reach me on my cell… +52 638 107 5035 on their cell or WhatsApp or friend me on Facebook and instant message me on Julio’s Healthy Meals or email me at chefjulio2@gmail.com.

Marco~ What do you like best about living in Rocky Point for the last 15 years?

Julio~ I like to visit all the beaches when I have time off. I usually start in Cholla Bay and work my way down the beach to Sandy Beach, the Mirador and Encanto Beach. I love the tidal pools and the sea life and usually take a lot of videos and pictures around town. I try to always follow the motto of leaving the beach as it was before you arrived and even picking up trash even if it is not yours to leave it better for the next guy.

Marco~ I like that! A good motto to follow anywhere you are in life. What are some of your favorite bars and restaurants in town?

Julio~ To name some of them, I enjoy Pane e Vino, Wrecked at the Reef for its good music and beach vibe, Pitaya Bar, Leo’s Bar, Boo Bar and Manny’s Beach Club.

Marco~ Wow, I love it, you get around town! Hmmm, did you ever save “a friend” (not me of course) to help translate with the police to keep him out of the pokey?

Julio~ Ha, ha, ha…yes, I sure have helped a few friends with that (chuckles). I can talk for them and help them to get out of trouble.

Marco~ Anything else you would like to share with the Rocky Point Times readers?

Julio~ Well, we are not just known solely as a provider of healthy foods. We now are making all types of cuisine. We started out as Julio’s Healthy Meals but today we are doing it all. My plan is to open a storefront in the near future as a small convenient shop for people to stop in and pick up orders as well if that is more convenient for them.

Marco~ Thank you so much Julio for your time and getting to know you better. May all the successes in the world continue to come your way. I can envision even bigger things ahead for you, my friend!

To all the mothers out there, May is your month! Ladies, even if you are not a mother, I am sure you have made a maternal impact on another in your life so you too can celebrate in style this month……hopefully with a delicious dinner from Julio’s Healthy Meals. As Betty White was quoted as saying, “My mother always used to say, the older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.”

Cheers to May!