Feliz Septiembre to all our fine friends in Rocky Point!!! We made it through almost all of summer and WOW, it was a beautiful summer. The weather was not too hot or as muggy as I remember some years but maybe I should just put a muzzle in it because I do not want to jinx us. Even in late July, if you were on the beach or near the beach and relaxing, the breeze was enough to keep you cool without necessarily sprinting into the pool or sea for relief. All in all, I would say one of the best summers weather wise that I can recall.

Before we announce the winners of the Rocky Point Times Photo Contest…oohhh did we mention world famous? Well, let’s say word has gotten around town. I don’t know if everyone received the low down on the cool prizes because of all the years of putting the contest together, this year by far had the most entries! Some of the entries were serious, some had some amazing views but, in the end, our fine panel of judges chose the one that I think we all need a bit more of lately…laughter! Past winners usually had amazing sunsets, sunrises, dolphins, sea turtles and cool shots from around town. But this year it was unanimous…let’s go with the fun shot!

Speaking of fun…a great big THANK YOU to our super fun donors of the prizes for the ROCKY POINT TIMES PHOTO CONTEST. Thank you, thank you, thank you goes out to Tom Carr from Encantame Towers and Soleil. If you are looking for a new condo, I hear he’s the man with your keys :). Muchas Gracias to Leo and the gang from Leo’s Bar. Fun should probably be on their sign as it is always a great time especially when you have Rene and Cynthia twisting you cocktails. Last and certainly not least, HIGH FIVES and HUGS to Shayna and Jorge over at Manny’s Beach Club and Tekila Bar for their prize as well. As everyone knows, you can always be assured a good time at their establishments!

WOWZERS…I think it is time…TA DAH!!!

BRONZE MEDAL PRIZE: Bayla Marie Anderson of Salt Lake City, Utah! Bayla is pictured with her grandparents Marcie and David Downs, her parents Steve and Aarin Vest, friends Brodie Jespersen and Corbin Dubios along with Gloria Martinez and Ramses Lugo. Congratulations…the view looks great over at Islas Del Mar.

SILVER MEDAL: Rocky Point’s own, Miss Patti La Due. She calls her crew the Gang of 8 and tagged them as the most successful, closest sales team in town. They all look really happy together and I can see a joke about to pop out of some mouths and if you look close you can even see the devil in one of their eyes :). Congratulations…Miss Patti!!!


GOLD MEDAL: Sandy Maloney and Jan Scordato from Arizona. Sometimes you just have to be a little crazy and take a wild picture to win the contest and THEY DID IT! Congratulations Sandy and Jan as the 2022 Rocky Point Times Photo Contest Grand Winners.

Thank you again to everyone for entering the contest and to our panel of judges and lastly to our prize donors. None of it could happen without each of you.

Hope to see you all at the beach especially over Labor Day…I know I will be chilling out for many days as like most of you, I need a break and have some fun. So, here’s to an awesome September and keep snapping those photos and selfies and save some up for next year’s Rocky Point Times Photo Contest!