Woo-hoo!!!! It’s my favorite time of year, Rocky Point!!! Spring Break is here! Guys, time to throw on your new swim trunks and ladies I know you have been training hard, so break out those new bikinis…It’s time to kick back, toss some back and say welcome back…to Rocky Point!!! I am really looking forward to the Country Music Fest they are throwing down at Manny’s Beach Club for the first weekend in March! And welcome one and all to the most fun Mexican Beach town anywhere and of course, your host for your 2020 Spring Break. A special shout out to all of the college crew from Ole Miss that will be in town along with my friends from the Arizona and California universities and from all around America and Mexico…THIS PARTY is going to be FUN!

If you are looking to do something fun while in town, please be sure to check out Tequila Factory for an amazing event of tequila tasting! I recently joined up with some friends for a get together at Tequila Factory to taste, laugh and take in a bit of history! When my friends asked me to join them for tequila tasting, well to be honest, I don’t drink too much tequila very often and I was not too thrilled at first. But, I never shy away from fun and when I heard that Kimmy Johnson, Jamie Gardner, April Armbruster, Margie Goward, Michelle Cason, David Cason, Shayna Sargent, Jorge Gaona, April Knight and BJ Knight were all going to attend the tasting event, my senses sure told me this was a NO WAY JOSE CANNOT MISS event! The sights, smells and tastes all resulted in a GREAT time! It was super cool to see how the infusions from our wonderful host and bartender, Fernando Mier turned out into an explosion of colors that had an amazing variety of tastes that to me, smelled and tasted NOTHING like the typical shot of tequila at a bar. I was so impressed with the taste, at the conclusion of the tasting, I purchased a mocha tequila, a chocolate tequila and a hazelnut blend tequila. I 100 percent recommend you try out a tasting hour with a bunch of friends…it is flat out hysterical…well especially with the right crew like I was blessed to attend with!

So, I wanted to gather a little more insight into Tequila Factory for our Rocky Point Times readers, so I sat down with Fernando Mier and the one and only 2019 Rocky Point Socialite of the Year Award Winner, Kimmy Johnson.

Marco: Thank you Fernando, you were a great host! It was super fun…how long has Tequila Factory been around?

Fernando: Tequila Factory has been around since June of 2006.

Kimmy: Yes, I have been coming for about 10 years.

Marco: Wow, well who knew? Now, I do! Who owns Tequila Factory?

Fernando: Mr. Manny Sanchez from Manny’s Beach Club is the actual owner of Tequila Factory.

Marco: Great to see his businesses are still going well. Kimmy, what do you like best about coming to Tequila Factory?

Kimmy: It’s always so much fun…and catching a quick buzz is a perk and also because Fernando is great entertainment! The tastings are never the same when you go so it is nice to get a variety.

Marco: I’ll say! Fernando, how or why did Manny decide that there was a need for the Tequila Factory here in Rocky Point?

Fernando: So many customers at Manny’s Beach Club were asking to purchase Manny’s Beach Club Tequila so he decided to open Tequila Factory because Manny’s is a bar and not a store.

Marco: Well, I am most glad he did! Kimmy, you little socialite you, what are your favorite flavors at Tequila Factory?

Kimmy: My faves are mint, chocolate and coconut! I often buy several and take them home with me. Fernando even mixed me a special bottle with 2 flavors in it. I also buy the local barbeque sauce and some other spreads that were made local, so you know it is all not just tequila in here.

Marco: I love it, we will have to try some of that over at Casa Kimmy in the Mirador. Why would you recommend Tequila Factory to your friends?

Kimmy: I would recommend it to my friends if they wanted to try different ways to make awesome tequila drinks and learn more about tequila and its history.

Marco: Fernando, can you give us a little run down of the different types of tequila in general?

Fernando: Sure, Marco! When it comes to tequila, we have several different types. We have clear which we call Silver. We also have Reposado which is tequila aged in a barrel from anywhere from 3 to 12 months. There is also Añejo which is aged in a barrel from no less than 16 months.

Marco: Wow, that’s like the gestation period of a Beluga Whale!

Fernando: And, there is also Extra Añejo which is aged in a barrel no less than 30 months!

Marco: Wow, 30 months…thank you again Fernando for a great tasting experience! Kimmy, anything else you would like the Rocky Point Times readers to know about you?

Kimmy: Enjoy our little beach town and try to buy local. Nothing says I love you like a couple of tickets to the Black Moods show for Valentine’s Day!

So, there you have it amigos!!! I would highly recommend a fun hour with your friends at Tequila Factory to experience some great tequila and laughs and learn some history about both tequila and Rocky Point! Hope to see you all at the beach and be sure to watch for Mike Castrichini and his annual Spring Break Tanning Contest!