Celebrating Your Birthday in Rocky Point!!!

And so it begins, our AHHHHHHHHHHH season. Goodbye, humidity, goodbye air conditioning, goodbye scorched feet, goodbye sweaty clothes and hello cool breezes, warm smiles and salty skin. Actually, I think we lucked out a good chunk of the summer compared with other parts of Mexico, the USA and Canada having record breaking heat going into triple digits for places like Vancouver, British Columbia….pretty crazy stuff. But, if you stay in the ocean, pool or getting watered down at your favorite Rocky Point bar, the heat never gets old, and the refreshing times are always at your doorstep.

In early September, many crazy friends and I got together to toast the Queen of Fun as she was ready to turn a half century. Well, actually it is not really until November but so many peeps are tied up that part of the year that Kimmy Johnson decided to bump her day up a bit so we can all join in on the fun and partake on a little craziness. Our day started off at Manny’s Beach Club where we rented out The Tiki Van driven by none other than Nadia. It was super fun along the stops, and they even had a stripper pole in the middle for whoever wanted to bust a move. Being super shy, I am bound to try that pole out one of these years! 🙂 Our first stop brought us to the one and only Tequila Factory. As usual, Fernando Mier put on quite a show with a wide array of tequila varieties and flavors that were truly awesome. The coffee tequila, chocolate tequila and the infused watermelon something or other were my favorites. No matter which one you chose as your favorite, it was fun to try so many varieties………who knew?!

We later moved onto Shark Bite in Old Port where DJ Jeff kept us entertained with his cool beats and fun vibe. The dancing and laughing was surely a good time. From there, we moseyed on down to Tequila Bar and got to enjoy both the lower bar and upper bar with good tunes, more friends and some good munchies. Thank you to all the staff that always takes such good care of us at all of the bars……and a big shout out to Ray Ray and Lalo who always deliver a great bevvy and a great time!

Lastly, we moved onto Leo’s Bar located at the top of Old Port on Calle Alcantar 49. If you haven’t met Leo, well he’s just one of the nicest dudes in all of Rocky Point. For years, he served at Wrecked at the Reef and now has his own place which is REALLY cool nestled against the mountain and with a nice shade tree covering the place. Leo’s Bar even featured a live band and some really good food……….loved it so much we returned the next day for lunch! So, if you haven’t checked out Leo’s yet, be sure to do so………everything was superb, and Leo always delivers his happiness!

It was quite an adventure on the Tiki Van and it was so fun celebrating with my friends and most of all the special birthday girl. Oh, and by the way, guess whose birthday is coming up in October?????? Well, I tend to celebrate most of the year, but it will be a blast to spend another birthday in Rocky Point. Always remember, there’s always a birthday within reach especially at the beach! And, please make that beach Rocky Point 🙂