It’s Time For The Rocky Point Times

Photo Contest!!!

Aww, the wonders of summer are upon us. As temperatures scorched up into the 100’s and beyond in southwestern America, the temps staying a breezy mid 80’s in Rocky Point. This is why we vacation and why we own a second or even primary homes here. The weather, the people, the food, the restaurants, the bars, the fun sports, the sunset cruises, the whales, the dolphins, the sea life, Theresa Carstensen’s laugh, walks on the beach, Kimmy’s Massage Parlor…there’s just a plethora of reasons to love Rocky Point! But, most of all, this article is all about THE AMIGOS!!!

Back by popular demand (ok maybe a friend mentioned it recently), about every year we have our world-famous Rocky Point Times Photo Contest. There have been so great photos over the years…I have even kept some because they were so scenic! And there have been some great winners over the years as I think this may be my 14th or 15th year writing for the paper. And boy do they love me…NOT…I am usually a bit tardy with my column, but hey I come through albeit just a tad fashionably late :). I usually start off with emailing my photos and then the article comes from my thoughts on the photos. So, this month will be perfect…it’s all about YOUR photos.

Before we get to the rules, I would like to reach out to our special sponsors of the Rocky Point Times photo contest gift baskets and say a little bit about them and mention that there are THREE winners this year…Bronze, Silver and Gold just like the Olympics. In no particular order, our first sponsors are Shayna and Jorge over at Manny’s Beach Club. They have been kind enough to sponsor the contest I think from the beginning if I am correct. If you have not been to Manny’s…it’s a Rocky Point staple for fun, live music, a pool and a general great time. Also, a great place to take some PHOTOS! Thank you, Shayna and Jorge. Second, we have Tom Carr…aka as I call him Tomas…from over at Encantame Towers. If you have not been to Encantame Towers, go check it out! Encantame Towers is another place to take great PHOTOS! I hear there are only a few condos left out of the three towers, BUT as Tom pointed out, don’t be discouraged. They are opening up Encantame Estates over July 4th holiday weekend with special pricing and Encantame Soleil on October 1st which is right next door to Encantame Towers. For more information on any of the condos or home sites, please contact Tom at (480) 406-4047. Muchas gracias Tomas for your kind donation! Last but certainly not least, we have Leo from over at Leo’s Bar near the top of Old Port on Calle Alcantar. Leo’s has a great vibe with live music, dancing, great food and of course the prince of swag, Leo himself and an awesome staff including Cynthia and Rene and the whole team. Leo’s is a great place to chill and meet new friends and take PHOTOS. Muchas gracias Leo!

Ok, onto the rules…I know rules kind of suck as I would know as I am generally a rule breaker myself but hey ya’ gotta start somewhere! This year’s contest is all about PHOTOS with friends in Rocky Point. Simply choose your favorite and email to me at or to Alicia Grajeda at Please include with your photo the following:

  1. Your name
  2. The best phone number for you
  3. Who is in the picture with you
  4. Where you are in Rocky Point
  5. Why you love the picture

Ok, so not too hard right? You would be surprised though…in years past I received great photos with no name or phone number…argh…Don’t be a Marco and pay attention to the rules one time :). If you cannot think of a favorite, get snapping now…you have plenty of time! The contest will start on July 1st and run through July 28th. Due to the timing of when our articles are due (ugh, see above for my tardiness…I think I need to send over a medical team to check on my bosses get this email because I am EARLY this month…shocker!), the winners will be announced in the September edition of the Rocky Point Times. Good luck to all and have fun with it…that’s what friends are for!

I cannot wait to return to Rocky Point as I have had to be up north for a bit as I slipped in the shower and snapped some ribs. I truly wished I had some spareribs (and some barbeque sauce) as the pain was a bit intense but I am on the mend and off to Paris with my daughter Via for a couple weeks. I’ll have to report on that next month…

Remember Rocky Point, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a photo with a friend is a memory that will last a lifetime! Happy photo snapping!