Feliz Julio Rocky Point! I hope everyone’s summer is going fantastic and you are enjoying your beach time and fun events going on around town. Speaking of fun events……..what a week we had for the 25th anniversary of Circus Mexicus. Hopefully, you were able to see some of the bands playing around town. It seemed as if every bar and restaurant around town had an event going on with excellent music and good vibes! Sorry to my bosses at the Rocky Point Times as I am a tad late with the article….well 2 months in a row was the start of something good but then I just returned from my friend’s wedding in New Orleans. What an event…. the reception was at the New Orleans County Club which was just phenomenal, and we all stayed at the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. If you ever have a chance to go, it is an awesome hotel with a carousel bar that rotates around every 15 minutes. There were about 50 seats at the bar and your views of the city would change every few minutes. We had the pleasure of meeting new friends from all over the world and the food was terrific! If you are ever in New Orleans, I highly recommend checking it out. I also thought what a great idea for a bar in Rocky Point…..hopefully the idea is picked up!

I hope everyone has some fun plans in Rocky Point for the 4th. I look forward to Sarah and Scott’s bash which is always a good time. They are the best hosts, and it is always great to see my old friends from around town! If you are short on ideas for the holiday, here are some fun ideas for you to check out for the week……….

  1.  Buy some goofy holiday hats and glasses and plan a beach party with your friends and family. It doesn’t take too much money to buy the props and they sure do make some fun pictures especially on the beach. Have each of your friends make a special drink or bite to eat to share. Fun, food and drinks….all winners!
  2. Try a tequila tasting afternoon at the Tequila Factory. If you have never tried it, it is an awesome day of fun and laughs with the gang. The variations of libations that they make is truly astonishing! And when you are done, there are bottles to purchase if you wish. Some of my favorites are the chocolate and café tequilas….great flavors!
  3. As mentioned above, check out some of the bands across town at the cantinas and restaurants. They seem to be endless today and a great opportunity to meet new friends. Some of my best friends I have met around town were totally rando nights and found casually meeting them listening to music. It has been great to stay in touch as well over the years.
  4. Check out the articles and ads here in the Rocky Point Times and see how you can get involved with the organizations that help those in need. Your time and goodwill will go very far and your positive effects on the community will make a difference 😊.
  5. Enjoy a golf day with your buddies. Even if you do not golf, ride along for the fun banter that seems to always follow a group of golfers around town. There are often tunes and some beverages to add to the fun as well as the beautiful scenery around the golf courses.
  6. Relax and chill out with a beach massage. One of the rules in our condo is massages on every trip. There are some that cater to coming right to your residence for the massage or soaking in some warm, Mexican sun while getting a massage is a WIN WIN.
  7. Banana boat rides are always fun for the whole family.  Just don’t go with my son Zack who encourages the driver to go a bit too fast and then kapow I am flying off to his laughter. There are also the jet ski rentals that you can control your speed which may be a little better for you if you are afraid of tumbling off the banana boat, but no worries as you are wearing the life preserver jackets.
  8. Take a snorkel or scuba diving adventure from the companies around town. It is a great way to see what the Sea of Cortez has to offer and are always a good time.
  9. Hire a boat for a day fishing trip. There are rentals for 4 hours at such a cheap rate and you come back with more fish than you could count and meals for days!  
  10. Try a sunset cruise! Rocky Point has some of the best sunsets anywhere in the world to take advantage of and it is another fun way to meet new friends. I always take one or two of the sunset cruises during my travels around the world and they are almost always a blast!

So, SALUD to the 4th of July and please remember to thank the hard working staff at the restaurants, hotels and bars as you enjoy your holiday week. Be safe, be happy and just be 😊!  As Walt Disney said, “Laughter is America’s most important export”!