Feliz Febrero Rocky Point! What a blast New Year’s was in town this past year! Everywhere you turned, there seemed to be friends popping up all over and the bars and restaurants were jumping and way fun. I even “donated” a few jackets to the world as I made my way around town over the week. Well, I hope the finder wears it well………goodbye 2021 and to my jackets :)! I hope your 2022 is off to a good start and you are staying healthy. I know sometimes this can seem challenging with the new variants popping up every few months. I did read in a business journal that the medical experts are thinking this is the year that the pandemic finally comes to an end. Sheesh, it has been long enough for sure! But there are solid ways to keep yourself positive and vibrant in these trying times. I came up with a few suggestions to keep you smiling, dialing and styling throughout February.

1~ Cut out all alcohol. Ok, next article! I’m outta here! Seriously, include some vino but call an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and have a chat over some wine. I have been known to do this even on international calls and we face time each other. It is quite amusing to see the facial expressions and hear the humor roll as the bottle goes down…….definitely a good feeling and a great way to catch up with your buddies!

2~ Quit working out……..ahhhh, now you’re barking up the right tree! Naaaaaaaaaaa…….. even a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day gets the blood flowing and the heart a pumping and releases dolphins (ok maybe they are called endorphins) which are your natural pain killers and creates a general sense of well-being. I prefer to do a one-hour boot camp and bang it out in a quick hour. Then, it frees me up for a little shakety shake shake on the dance floor later that night :). I think it is important to work out to feel good…..not necessarily to be thinner or thin. Once you feel good, you already won. My sure fire tip for helping……take the stairs and skip the elevator. It’s amazing what it can do for your caboose.

3~ Make up stories and watch your friend’s eyes get bigger and bigger! Joshing! The truth shall always set you free. So how about we all make it a point to give out at least one compliment a day. Soon, we all will be used to it and all of Rocky Point will be one big condiment, I mean compliment. Spread positivity and it will come back to you.

4~ Go someplace you have never gone before……..and no, that hot place down under is not where to go. Choose a location near or far and go see it and experience it! This month I am heading back to Aruba with my brother, Tomas and I am already seeking out some new beach adventures. Even if you never leave town, there are a whole host of new things you can explore. Ya never know, you may find a new passion for yourself!

5~ Get rid of the pack rat! It is time to choose a day, even a few hours and clear your clutter. This definitely helps to clear your mind which opens you up for creative ideas, new games and allows you some more open spaces to roam. Remember to donate clothes you no longer wear to your local charity but don’t get too crazy with it like me and donate the clothes you are supposed to be wearing that day!

6~ Remember to be grateful. I started keeping a journal by my bed and I write down one thing I am grateful for in my day. It definitely keeps you humble when you try to read my writing the next day…….well every once in a while :). Gratitude is all about attitude……..being grateful starts from the soul and works its way through the body and eventually out the mouth which leads us back to #3 and helping to compliment others.

7~ Be kind on social media….. it is your chance to truly make a name for yourself. Let others know you care and post something about them rather than you. Pay it forward and it usually finds its way back.

8~ Go Green…….not that way Powers! Bring a plant into your home. Spring is upon us and the time for some more greenery in our homes or doorsteps is here! So, get out and get some greenery and watch it grow :).

I truly hope some of these tips make for a more enriching February. Keep smiling and truckin’ on…….. someone above is watching you!