Dear Readers,

Sadly, there is no Q and A this month as the Q is in quarantine with Covid-19.

In other news, Cap’n Greg apologizes for last month’s column that had a number of typological errors near the end, rendering the meaning angioplastic. Thankfully, there was no scatology involved. And I’d already made my point, even though truncated. That said, hyperbole was rampant.

Amazing Alicia, who works closely with Editor and Grand Poobah-ess Lannette, do such a great job that the newspaper is almost flawless. Last month, however, either a small hairy beast got into the server, or incredible Graphic Artist Beatriz set her tequila bottle too close to the keyboard. Next thing you know, the text went all loco. Or loca, if a feminine noun was involved.

I have been writing this column since Washington crossed the Tupperware, so I know of which I speak, which is one and a half languages, the half one that’s not so bueno. Or buena, which is the proper adjective for linguini, which is Spanish for language. But you knew that.

The important thing to remember here is that to err is human, to forgive divine. Also, the Packers better blow through the playoffs and win the Super Bowl by 11 or Cap’n Greg will be really upset, although his bookie will celebrate by retiring to an entire floor at Encantame Towers.

I am confident these words will reach you in clarity and perservision. After all, wisdom is knowledge, and the al pastor con piño at Asadero Viva Mexico is la really yumma. And then some.

Cap’n Greg