July 10, 2020

Number 152 in a Series

Cap’n Greg’s Forever Memories

You don’t forget the first bite of your third Chon’s hot dog. Or sunsets from the vantage points of the Playa Bonita patio, El Capitan or a pirate ship off Sandy Beach. Also, nobody can take away seeing a fin whale breach, a raft of brown rays, a massive pod of playful dolphins, a whale shark at Bird Island. Or the invigorating spectacle of spring break.

Buying fresh-caught shrimp from Jose at the fish market. Staying at Carmelita’s Motel. Tiburones baseball. The al pastor tacos at Asadero Viva Mexico. Fishing from a charter boat 40 miles out on the Sea of Cortes, going deep for grouper. Having beers at Flavio’s and watching endless rows of pelicans coast past the Malecon. Hitting vendes (yard sales) on the back streets. Visiting the decorated cemeteries on El Dia del Muerte. Cet-Mar. Exploring the inventory at Rocky Imports and Numeros. Spending hours strolling the curio shops on Rodeo Drive.

And there’s so much more. Finding superb glassware from Mercedes. Mariachis and a Veracruz specialty at La Curva. Fresh baked goods from Carmelita, the Hole In the Wall or Super Ley.  Raspados, hielos and a Peñasco souvenir T-shirt. Swim-up bars. Breakfast Bloody Mary’s at Max’s. Excellent pet groomers. Pedicures at Gloria’s. Jet skiing to J.J.’s Cantina. Tequila tasting. RV-ing at Playa de Oro. Mermaid’s Market bargains.

I missed listing dozens, but all (hopefully most) of these opportunities will be available when the COVID-19 virus is controlled. Please be patient. The entire world is fighting this thing. Rocky Point and its incredibly welcoming citizens await our return. Cap’n Greg will be there. I hope you will join us.