A friend of mine has a dog named Archie Wawa. With such a descriptive moniker, it doesn’t take an American Kennel Club expert to determine the species of that cute little yapper. But in Rocky Point, as in Hollywood and parts of Appalachia, indiscriminate breeding turns out an astonishing mix of mongrels. And the dogs are interesting, too! (DRUM ROLL GOES HERE.) I’m not talking about meagles, peagles, snorkies and poogles. Or bockers, wapoos or shepadoodles, even though those are all real breeds. As you drive around town you will see many stray dogs with indecipherable bloodlines. Some are cuddle-worthy, like Miley Cyrus before she learned how to twerk. And others are downright Ann Coulter-ish, whining and snarling at nothing in particular, just wanting to get noticed. Anyway, there are people in Rocky Point who are trying to make life better for the dogs that roam the streets looking for a gentle hand and a handout. I had a recent email conversation with Barb of Barb’s Dog Rescue, located about 8 miles north of town.

CAP’N GREG: How can I help?
BARB: We need volunteers to walk and interact with our shelter dogs. Give them some love until we find them a forever home. We are a non-profit organization, adopting out about 600 dogs a year, mainly puppies and small breeds We accept cash donations for their feed and medical care.
CAP’N GREG: Can I bring dog food across the border?
BARB: No. That is not allowed. But you can buy Kirkland brand food at Welton’s here in Rocky Point. With the favorable exchange rate, it’s the same price as in the States. We go through about 200 pounds of food a day!
CAP’N GREG: Wow! What else do you need?
BARB: We keep some dogs for quite a while, so we need beds, cleaning supplies, collars, leashes, dog treats, that sort of thing.
CAP’N GREG: Who can I contact?
BARB: There are a number of dog rescue places in Rocky Point, but you can reach me at barbsdogrescue@gmail.com, and get more info from the Rocky Point Times.
CAP’N GREG: I’ll pass the word, Barb.
BARB: Thanks, Cap’n Greg.
CAP’N GREG: Speaking for all dog lovers, I say, “Thank YOU!”