The question Cap’n Greg gets most often is: What are my favorite restaurants in Rocky Point? While I have answered that query approximately 99 times, I’ll do it again to make it an even 100. The criteria I use to rate restaurants are food quality, service, price, and ambience.
While I have had some not-so-good meals at Peñasco eateries, the majority are consistent in their food quality. Part of food quality is the general cleanliness of the place. I have enjoyed many meals in buildings with dirt floors and no windows, but I have also been to beautifully tiled establishments that even flies would find disgusting.
Excellent service (as well as several pre-meal cocktails) can elevate a mediocre dinner to a gourmet experience. That said, I have found that most of those who prepare food here are motivated to serve you well, because their entire existence is built on repeat business. Everyone wants good food cheap, but the days of three-for-a-dollar tacos are long gone. Those on a budget would do well to frequent street stands where low overhead typically translates to lower prices. Restaurants that cater to family groups are often less expensive as well. Rocky Point has seen a surge in fine dining in the last dozen years, and there are plenty of places where you can test the old adage: You get what you pay for.
The last criteria is ambience. I much prefer to eat with a view of the water, but during spring break and busy holidays, I enjoy watching the people more than the pelicans.

So, to answer the question, my favorite restaurants in Rocky Point are the dozens that offer food, service, prices and ambience that are all good. Cap’n Greg wishes you a delicious search for your own favorites.