A Message To the More Mature Among Us

While Rocky Point is a mecca for spring breakers and for young families enjoying the sand and sea, thousands of people who have reached retirement age have discovered how safe, easy and inexpensive it is to spend golden moments here.

I am more of an old rooster than a spring chicken, and I have made the southbound Lukeville crossing more times than I can count. When I clear the Sonoita city limits, I get an emotional kick because I’m heading to better times. And that is like a sip of the Fountain of Youth, even after decades of enjoying all that Peñasco has to offer.

I pity the retired folks who have chosen a rocking chair over a Rocky Point getaway. Believe me, I know a bunch of them.

CRANKY FRANK: Why would anyone go to Mexico when there are plenty of Taco Bells here?
CAP’N GREG: Why would anyone go to Taco Bell after sampling the menu at Asadero Viva Mexico or dozens of other excellent restaurants?
WALMART WILLY: These farm-raised shrimp are just as good as wild ones.
CAP’N GREG: Buy a few pounds of fresh-caught Sea of Cortes shrimp from José at the Fish Market and you will never buy farm-raised again.

BITTER BETTY: I get sick when I go to Mexico.

CAP’N GREG: Could it be the plate of nachos bigger than a suitcase you ate all by yourself? Or was it the 37 margaritas?


CAP’N GREG: Could it be you also get sick when you do that in Tucson?

BITTER BETTY: You’ve got a point there, Cap’n Greg.

So, here’s an invitation for you senior señores and señoras. You don’t have to jog the beaches or jet ski or try to keep up with the kids. Soak your feet. Sit in the shade drinking lemonade. Watch the porpoises play. Cap’n Greg has learned that life’s too short to put pleasure on hold. I hope to see you here soon.