The thought of escaping home quarantine after months of lock down sure sounds appealing, and a trip to Puerto Peñasco really sounds good. Those of us from Arizona know how easy it is for COVID numbers to go up if we don’t take this seriously. I have done some limited cautious fishing trips with a small select group of friends who are also concerned about their health. With precautions, people in my circle of friends have managed to stay COVID free.

I think about the financial impact on my favorite bars and restaurants, and I have returned to the ones practicing social distancing, making an effort to keep clean and sanitized, and where staff members are wearing masks and making the effort to keep everyone safe. Some places in Arizona I have walked out of because patrons were too close to each other, or employees were not practicing good COVID protocols. I think avoiding crowds is still a good idea.

Opportunities to be charitable when you return to Puerto Peñasco will be numerous. These folks have had a more difficult time than normal during the lock down. Again, give it some thought on how you can help. Even something as simple as donating that jar of peso coins, that seem never to go away, to a food bank, people, or animal shelter could help ease the pain in Peñasco.

Stay safe, healthy, and I hope I see you fishing the beach soon. Vince Deadmond, the retired fly fishing hardware guy can be reached at and 480 818 1796.