Welcome to October!! Congrats to everyone for having made it this far though some are perhaps a little bruised, battered, and worse for wear, but here we are! And what a month to be in Peñasco: The weather breaks, businesses reopen, people return, and everyone is very, very happy. This year has definitely been different, but it looks like we’re on track for a fantastic October all the way around. I have a bet with a friend that the weather breaks the first part of October – it’s the very least 2020 can do for us, right?

From the traffic and lines at the border lately, Rocky Point weekends are circa 2005. Those wanting to avoid lines need to travel during the week – after Monday at least – and that will most definitely turn into Tuesday soon, as everyone is itching to get out and about, and we are a fantastic drive-to destination. If you were here over Labor Day Weekend you no doubt waited in long border lines coming and going. And thank you for that! Thank you to everyone who came down, especially those of you who did not realize the border now closes at 8PM and chose to sleep in the WhyNot Travel Store parking lot, or got a motel in Ajo or Gila Bend, just to be the first ones to get across the border at 6AM the next day. Thank you for coming down, supporting our local businesses, and enjoying our town. I did see a few of you being pulled over by the Sonoyta police, so please remember, and spread the word, that the speed limit is 40kmh through the town and, until we hear further, it has been requested (since July) that you (we) do not stop in the town – drive straight through and Rocky Point is here to welcome you. The U.S. side has new x-ray machines so that is causing an added delay, and Sonoyta entrepreneurs are up to their old tricks of guiding people to the front of the line, so that is causing issues as well. I remind everyone to just breathe and “let it go” and, if you can’t do that then adjust your travel schedule, as I do, so you’re not travelling with the masses.

Due to these uncertain times, we haven’t been printing the “Events Calendar”, but if all goes well this month, we’ll start again with the November Edition. Hopefully, Mermaid’s Market will resume on October 18th and the SOB Festival is taking place October 8th through the 12th so watch our social media channels for October Events info. The entire month of October is supposed to be busy and Columbus Day Weekend will, most likely, look a lot like Labor Day Weekend. Remember that our businesses still have sanitary protocols that they must follow – or be fined, so bring your mask and if you’re uncertain about policies, just ask. Most establishments have the rules posted before you enter the main area or open the door.

Super exciting this month, Encantame Towers in Playa Encanto is breaking ground on their 2nd building on Saturday, October 10th! Twenty-five floors…OMG! Definitely the tallest development in Peñasco and I think the tallest building in the State of Sonora. Such a great master-planned community they will be developing over the years. Check out the articles in this issue about the Guevara/Snyder team and about Encantame Towers, which will be delivering the first tower to its owners in the Spring of 2021, and the 2nd tower in the Fall. I have to admit they are beautifully designed and on one of my favorite beaches, but they had me sold at “Rooftop Sky Pools and Jacuzzi’s open for Adults 21+ Only”…long overdue for Peñasco.

On a sad, but not unexpected note, the Annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally announced that they are postponing their 20th Anniversary Run until November 2021. I have no doubt that we will see many bikers in November, and we look forward to their 20th in 2021. This has been a fantastic fundraising event so hopefully we can continue to help the charities they support. And speaking of charities, Steps of Love has a great article in this edition so please read it! They are a wonderful organization who has switched their focus to adapt to changing times. They went from education, to providing food, and are now doing both and facing a huge challenge with this whole online schooling shift. Tons of local children do not have computers, tablets or phones, let alone internet, or even electricity, so they literally have zero chance of learning. Their article tells about their fantastic team and ways to help them – and our local kids – if you can.

I wanted to remind everyone that you can dial 9-1-1 for emergencies in Rocky Point and that you no longer have to dial the “1” when dialing a cell phone from the states: It used to be 011-52-1-638-7-digit #. Now it’s just 011-52-638-7-digit phone number. There have also been some changes to our local dialing instructions so you may notice changes in the index and the ads. Besides the above, you no longer have to dial the 044 when dialing local cell phone to local cell phone. We are currently in the process of updating all of our information pages to reflect any recent “COVID” changes or closures.

Again, welcome to October and see you on the beach!!