October is here…yay! And there is so much going on this month. October usually signifies the beginning of our busy season though this year I don’t think we had a slow month as in years past – even Sticky September was busy. Though the weather hasn’t quite flipped to perfect yet (as of this writing), it isn’t too bad either – temp’s are getting cooler and the humidity is dropping and we have had some really nice days. Someone should get a charity “weather flip” pool going – like a football pool – where you can pick the day you think the weather will turn. Would be fun and an easy way to raise a few bucks for a local organization. We have lots of local charities and organizations like Esperanza Children’s Home, Young Life, Barb’s Dog Rescue, the Women’s Shelter, Steps of Love and so many others that are in need of ongoing support. Lots of good articles in this issue and ways that you can help.

Speaking of our good articles – again, thank you to all of our contributors who take the time to entertain our readers with your experiences and thoughts. They all are so awesome and if you run into them around town, you should tell them how much you enjoy their articles. People tell us all the time, but I’m not sure if the contributors know how much they are appreciated and read. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of our subscribers are business owners as well and I’d like to invite all of them to drop us a bio or little article and a photo or two about their business. I’ll get around to sending invites, but I know y’all are reading this, so it would be nice if our readers got to know your businesses. Same for our readers as well – we are a community and it’s always fun to meet new people and discover new businesses – local or in the U.S.

Fall is here so that means not only cooler temperatures, but the sun is setting earlier so keep that in mind when you’re making dinner reservations and traveling down to Rocky Point or back to the U.S for that matter. OUR BORDER CLOSES AT 8PM on both sides. The sign outside of Gila Bend STILL has not been changed (sigh) and there are incorrect websites and info. floating around out there so just beware and spread the word.

I didn’t do “The Eats” again this month (I really should be fired) but am back home now so hopefully I will do something spectacular for the November RPTimes edition. There are so many places I want to try! And y’all are encouraged to send in articles about your favorite places – lots of people read the paper and don’t engage in social media…just sayin’.

This month, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers – RCPM en Vivo en Peñasco – will be happening on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th and you can get tickets on their website. Also, this month is the Dirty Mud Beach Run, Cornhole Tourneys and the Las Palomas Golf Tournament as well as a ton of other stuff. Margarita Mermaids is packed full of live music as is MOO, both down in Old Port. November will be super busy as well with the return of the Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally – that will be SOO exciting!! And the Black Moods are performing here for two days and I’m super excited to see them in concert again!! Margarita Mermaids is having a Fiesta Fundraiser 2021 on the 6th for Young Life so save the date for that and Mark Mulligan will be there at the end of November. The Fall Fashion Fiesta will be on the 3rd…you just have to read every single article and ad in this edition! Check out our events page and for the very latest check our Facebook Page as events always pop up at the last minute. If you don’t do social media, shoot us an email at rockypointtimes@yahoo.com or give us a call and we’ll let you know what’s going on.

Stop out at Islas del Mar (off the Coastal Hwy.) and try The Crane by Luca, a new venture by Pane e Vino owner, Chef Luca – they are open for breakfast and lunch from Tuesday through Sunday 8AM to 4PM.

Have a great October and enjoy Rocky Point! C’ya at the beach and around town!