It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful beach autumn. Yes, Fall at the Sea of Cortez is a wonderful time of the year. The sunshiny air is incredible, the sky is cobalt blue and the sea is a wonderful temperature.

So, why should you come and visit Rocky Point this Fall?

Let me count the ways.

  1. Fall break. Kids are getting restless, heck they haven’t been “back to school normal” for quite some time. Let the children run on the soft warm sand and have a couple active beach days. Guaranteed to vanish school anxieties as they will be washed away with the waves.
  2. Good sleep. Something about the ocean air improves sleep, siestas and naps. Go ahead, grab a blanket, throw it on the sand and test it out. I dare you.
  3. Exercise on the beach. The sun isn’t as intense in Autumn as summer, strike a pose and do yoga, play football, volleyball or frisbee.
  4. Check out a beachfront bar. A perfect way to get in some day drinking, my favorites: Wrecked at the Reef, Swim (at Bella Sirena), Tiki’s (at Sonoran Sky), Playa Bonita and Pitaya.
  5. Keep your summer tan going. Wow the people back East are pulling out the sweaters, scarves and boots… you have a few more months to get an Autumn tan and feel the warmth of the sun.
  6. Connect with nature. Get in the sea, the water is still warm. Kayak, paddle board or even take a trip to Bird Island on a tourist boat.
  7. Beat the summer crowds and the summer heat and humidity. Warm by day, cool breeze by night, not so crowded as summer. Perfect time to relax and rejuvenate.
  8. Fall festivals. This month Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers will be having a music fest in October. Scheduled for October 22-24th.
  9. Shrimp, shrimp shrimp. In the Fall, after the long hot summer everything seems fresher. Perhaps it’s the lack of humidity or it’s just the outside fresh air. Dine on delicious food, fresh from the sea.
  10. Outside Dining is a treat. The summer might have made you choose inside with cold ac, but now choose outside seating and with a view please! My favorite inside outside weather.
  11. Football at the beach. Yes, if you are a college or pro football fan, football is back. The best way to cheer for your favorite team, a flat screen with the sea behind it, and your feet in the sand.
  12. Sunset watching weather. Summer brought unforgettable sunsets, but in the Fall you can watch the world’s greatest sea sunsets without sweating to death. Beautiful evening skies match beautiful evening temps. Very romantic.
  13. Check off your bucket list items. Have you ever wanted to zip line by the desert and the sea. We got you covered, Check out Rocky Point Ziplines.
  14. Get Dirty – yes, we are talking mud, fun and exercise, sign up for the Dirty Beach Mud Run scheduled for October 23. (Not to be confused with our beaches, they are anything but dirty in Puerto Peñasco, as the city has received numerous clean beach awards!)
  15. Visit a World UNESCO Heritage site. If you considered exploring the Pinacate Biosphere, October, November is the opportune time to hike the volcanos. Weather is perfect for hiking, walking and picnicking.
  16. Gorgeous golf weather. And, if you’re interested in a golf tournament check out Las Palomas 15th anniversary golf tournament. Starts October 15.
  17. Halloween at the beach. Bring you favorite costume and dress up at the beach. Halloween rolls right into Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead).
  18. Ride into the 20th anniversary of Rocky Point Rally which was pushed to this year and will be November 11,12, 13,14. Four days of fun, sun, bikes, music and fiesta on the shores of the Sea of Cortez.
  19. Fall Fishing – Fisherman’s legend states, fish bite the hook more often in the fall months. Personally, I just made that up, but wanted to see if you would fall for it.

The beach is always full of serenity and beauty no matter what the season and reasons to visit the beach are…endless. Autumn at the beach is my hands down favorite time of the year.

Yes, I’ll have a side of beach with my coffee.

Find your serenity this Autumn.