Nothing says summertime like spending the day in the sun lying on the beach, having a cold drink in your hand and finishing it all off with some great music and a place to get your groove on.

Rocky Point in May offers fantastic outstanding weather, comfortable temperatures and a lot of action. After a great day at the beach why not try one of the six hotspots to show off your tan and get your heart beating.

1. One of the larger venues in town to shake your booty, is Wrecked at the Reef, on Sandy Beach. And guess what?? It is beach front. Drive past all the towering ocean front resort condos on your way to Cholla Bay and you will see signs for Wrecked at the Reef. A friendly compound with a great beachfront patio, an outside stage for live music in the corner, a corn hole or baggo game area to the side and great food. Inside you’ll find comfortable sofas and love seats and a large dance area with a great stage. Their house band plays Friday and Saturday night and they rock the world with the latest contemporary pop, rock ‘n roll and classic music. If you’re lucky enough to plan ahead, check out the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert coming the first weekend in June. You will be sure to get your groove on in this place.

2. Chango’s also located by the resort condominiums on Sandy Beach (Just off the road in front of Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea); this bar restaurant also features a great live band on weekends. Here you can dance; watch sports and possibly, depending on where you are staying, even walk back to your condo on the sea. This place also offers a full menu, frozen drinks and the classic margarita. Corn hole/Baggos game also available.

3. Mariachi and Tequila fest on May 4th- Ok, now we are talking. Advertised as a festival of flavor, music and entertainment, this fest will get you dancing and celebrating. Music and Tequila are already a pretty good combination, but add a little sprinkle of Mexico folk dancing and Mexican food and it should be a tasting pleasure of all senses. Touted as the 2nd annual Tequila and Mariachi Festival it opens at 6:00 pm, admission is $10.00 per person VIP seating $20.00 per person or a VIP Company Table for $200.00 (seating for 10) this includes tequila.  Tickets are available at PayPal The location is the Puerto Peñasco Amphitheater, located just off Boulevard Benito Juarez as you head towards Old Port, behind Kaffeehaus Restaurant.

4. Ever hear the song “Dancing in the Streets”? Well, there may not be a dance floor, but if you head towards the end of Calle 13 on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night you will hear the music. At Max’s, enjoy dinner, a glass of wine or a margarita outside by the gas fire pit and listen to some live music. If the spirit moves you, or you have enough of them, you might just get up and start moving. Next door is Wrecked at Jen’s Joint, hoping to have some music in the future but until then, dancing is allowed anytime, I’ve witnessed it.

5. Elixir- This modern contemporary lounge has all the club music. Always open on the weekends starting at 9 or 10, this is a hot spot for locals and hip clubbers who are looking for some DJ spins. Music ranges from hip hop to pop contemporary in English and Spanish with an electronic twist. Get your groove on here until early morning hours as most of the patrons are not sitting down. Located: half a block east of Matamoros, on Durango St. in the Mirador Beach area.

6. J J’s Cantina- as the saying goes you haven’t been to Rocky Point if you haven’t been to JJ’s. Located in Cholla Bay, most long time visitors of Rocky Point will have a story to tell you about a night at JJ’s:  my advice, sit down and grab something to drink, it’s probably a good one. Of course the motto, ‘no sniveling’, is all over the walls, as well as thousands of pictures from the past of fun times and memories at JJ’s Cantina. If you have witnessed JJ’s in the past you might just want to check to see if your face is on the wall. When Roger Clyne is in town, the place will be standing room only, but any other time, you can find a place to dance on the dance floor, even if there is no band. No problem here, dance where you want. Check the JJ’s Calendar for upcoming live music or stop by day or night and relax on the beautiful Cholla Bay. This June 6-9, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert weekend, will bring lots of groupies to JJ’s and those just remembering the good ole days.

So in May, dance the day away… it doesn’t matter whether it’s a waltz, line dancing or hip hop… it doesn’t matter where you dance…even if it’s in your condo, balcony,  hotel or on the beach.  Don’t forget when all else fails, take some music with you, a few good friends and do some beach moves…sandy dancing with the  Sea of Cortez as your backdrop, is always a spectacular place to dig your feet in. Just dance…

Let us read and let us dance—two amusements that will never do any harm to the world- Voltaire

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Anita Kaltenbaugh is the Mexico travel examiner at and author of the book “Travel Secrets- Insider guide to planning, affording and taking more vacations” available on Kindle, NOOK and