Sometimes it’s better that my wife Debi and I take separate vacations. I know my wife is not nearly as interested in my fly fishing trips as I am, and as nice and interesting as quilting shops are, I really don’t need to visit another one. Debi likes cruise ship vacations with her quilting friends. Recently she did a Caribbean cruise and had ports of call at St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Aruba, all places I would like to check out for fishing, but this was her vacation.

On one of the islands there was a Kay’s Fine Jewelry store. Apparently after enough merchandise was purchased at the jewelry store Debi got a free hat. Because I spend a lot of time fishing, sweating, and getting dunked in saltwater I go through numerous hats. My wife is always looking for ways to make me look better, so she proudly presented me the free hat when she returned from her cruise. I did see the Visa bill and it really was a nice hat.

Later I was talking to my neighbor lady friend, MJ in Playa De Oro Trailer Park and she assured me that the hat was a good deal. She had also taken a Caribbean cruise and had stopped at the same shop. She said, “I had a ring with a small diamond, and I upgraded for a larger stone, and I didn’t even get a hat.” So, you’re telling me that I got a really good deal? “Yes”, she said. Well, I think you girls must belong to the same sorority and you are sticking together on this one.

The fly fishing just gets better as the water warms up. We should be catching Lady Fish, and Sierra Mackerel soon if not already. The Sierra will usually bite off your 20 pound tippet until you replace it with 40 pound. Hope to see you soon on the water. 

Vince Deadmond The Retired Fly Fishing Hardware guy can be reached at or 480 818 1796.